Landon’s First Beach Trip

This_ll_do.North Carolina is a wonderful vacation state. We have mountains AND beach. Where I grew up, mountains were easy. 45 min and I was in Blowing Rock. The beach wasn’t as easy. 6 hourish drive, so we went maybe once a year. Now we live in kind of the middle of the state. We can get to a beach in 2 hours and mountains in 3-4.

But funny enough, we have never taken Landon. Hell, I hadn’t seen the actual ocean in YEARS. The River is our “beach” it is salty water {brackish}, waves, lounging in the sun, swimming, water play, etc. All the actual beach offers is…the sandy wave crashing part…which isn’t my favorite really. While we were on our River week, we decided to take him the to Outer Banks (1.5 hour drive from our house to Nags Head). The grandparents kept Ollie and we headed out bright and early for an “adventure”. That’s right. We never told him where we were going. We were just going to pull up. We parked. Changed. And walked up a ramp to finally see the ocean.

He did great. Looking for shells. Playing in the sand. Playing in the water with us. We didn’t go in very far because a) he didn’t want to and b) rip current was pretty rough. We got there around 9am and played for a couple of hours until he ultimately had a meltdown. We headed for lunch at Mama Kwans and then headed to the aquarium for a little bit before driving back. It was a great day trip and I think he really liked it. Hopefully we can make these day trips more now without nap schedules to mess with. Ollie still has a few years 🙂

We also gave Landon the camera to get a photo of us. He actually did TOTALLY AWESOME.

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