And the cow ate the phone.

You guys? I LOVE KINDERGARTEN PREP! They do so many fun things and Landon has learned so much just being in there a few weeks. He is drawing more things on his own and even writing the words. I mean this is “Star Wars”:


Everyday, at nap time, the teachers compile photos and stories from the day so far and email us a newsletter. Today they did an activity to work on creative story telling. Learning adjectives and other descriptive parts of speech. It was like a crazy 4 year old mad lib. I giggled too much not to put this down to remember later. So here goes.

“Once upon a time, there was a girl named purple who lived in the land of Blue. She walked across the bridge to the pool in the town and she rode on a giant butterfly that turned into a caterpillar. The caterpillar sawed down all of the trees. She bought an orange dress and the butterfly went to the bird cage. The saw closed the curtains. A chicken flew away. The Ninja turtle saved the town. Then a donkey rode on the Ninja Turtle away. Then the seal caught the chicken and the cow destroyed the caterpillar with the horns. The Letter Q went for a swim in the pool. The Ninja Turtle bought a Red dress and then went to swim in the bath tub. The Letter O went for a swim with the Letter Q. The girl met a best friend named pink. And the cow ate the phone. The End. “

Gotta love it. I can only imagine the hysterical laughter of all those 4 year olds while doing this. Makes my heart happy.

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  • August 16, 2013 at 2:05 pm

    Love it. Getting the daily email of “What Happened Today” from my daughters’ classrooms is definitely the highlight of my day. For Lucy, the infants just sit around and look adorable, but for Lila they had so many fun things. Yesterday they did an experiment of mixing vinegar with baking soda and had to “hypothesize” what would happen. Hypotheses from 2.5 year olds are awesome. They thought it may make an egg, turn into meat or become orange soda.


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