How Menn Do Photoshoots

Step 1: Nail the 4 looks at the camera on the first shot:


Step 2: Act like maniacs to get both kids looking the same way


Step 3: Pull out every trick in the book to get the baby to smile:


Step 4: Let the preschooler own the camera per usual (I mean SERIOUSLY):


Step 5: Fight with a toddler who just learned peekaboo:

2013Mann25 copy

Step 6: Cue that ridiculous preschooler smile again:


Step 7: Let the older one take care of the younger one to get in a couple photo (NAILED IT)


Step 8: Let it all unravel


Thanks to Laura for rescheduling 100 times with us and still taking photos in 20 minutes before it poured rain. TEAMWORK!

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