4 Easy Toddler Dinners from Trader Joes

In the last few weeks, we have been really busy. Most of our food was boxed up and on a truck for a good bit. Then we moved in and I was realistic. Routine is all over the place and I don’t have time to think of things to cook. I cut myself some slack and went to Trader Joes and let them do the heavy work. I still wanted to cook our dinners but I needed quick and easy to please. No fighting over something new they don’t want to try. Go with favorites and keep it simple. I am burning enough calories unpacking that I can afford it.

We frequent the quick options in the deli section the most. It is over by the meat. They have a lot of options. It is usually billed as enough for 2 but we make work for all 4 with other sides. We eat small portions too. So here we go:

Dinner 1: Pulled Pork and Black Bean Nachos


Easy recipe:

Trader Joe’s pulled pork BBQ, can of black beans.

Mix together in package.

Heat in microwave per the instructions on the package.

Put sweet potato tortilla chips on cookie sheet. Cover in mixture.

Cover in shredded cheese.

Bake at 350 until cheese melts.

Optional: Avocados on top after taken out.

Dinner 2: Chicken Piccata


Trader Joe’s chicken piccata is a family favorite. I don’t put the sauce on the kids part. It is lightly breaded and does just fine for them. Paired with a quick pot of pasta and steamed peas in the mircrowave.

Dinner 3: Chicken Parmesan


Chicken parmesan is one of Kevin’s favorite foods. Another awesome cooler section win from Trader Joes.  Once again a pot of pasta and steamed veggies. We eat a lot of broccoli. Landon asks for “cold broccoli” often. Weird

Dinner 4: Meatloaf


Once again, a cooler selection. Now I can make a mean meatloaf and I have to say this heat and eat version is pretty amazing. It is very flavorful and a crowd favorite. We are also mac and cheese fans. Annie’s makes great options in many flavors. I highly recommend.

So next time you know a tough week is coming up, arm yourself. Having these selections in the fridge was a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I could walk in, pop in the toaster oven and have dinner ready in 20 minutes and something I didn’t have to fight with them about. Thanks, Trader Joe’s. Parenting would be tougher without you.

Trader Joe’s n00b? I got you covered.

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