The Littlest Jedis

Landon loves Star Wars. It is so deliciously 4. This is the prime age for good guys vs bad guys. On top of that, light sabers are just cool, ya know. So last weekend I found some plastic light sabers in the clearance bin at Target. I threw them in the prize bucket*. When Landon was particularly good on a long list of errand running, I told him he could choose from the bucket. He chose the blue light saber, naturally. Maybe 2 minutes later he comes up to me. “Mommy? Beans was good when we were at the store too. Can he have the red light saber so he can play with me?” And then I died from cute.  RIP.

*The prize bucket is a paper bag I keep leftover small toys we get randomly. Someone leaves in my office, we get at a birthday party in a treat bag, I find something on sale, etc. We use the bucket for special rewards. Haircuts without screaming, getting a splinter out of feet without screaming, doing an awesome job at a chore or a really great day while we are out. Incentives are what I like to call them. I highly recommend this concept to help remind them that when you do good things, good things happen.

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