Ollie 18 Month Update

18 months. Jeepers. I realize I am little late but to my credit, we had his appointment on the 10th for some weird ass reason and I just forgot. We are delaying his Hep A shot until his 2 year visit so it was an easy in and out.

He was in a wonderful mood for the appointment even chasing the nurse to the room giggling.



Welp, everyones curses that my second child would be difficult in the food department won the lottery. He is stubborn as a damn mule (or his mother, depending on who you ask). One day he likes something, the next he doesn’t. I am still living by the “one good meal a day” mantra. He doesn’t seem to be picky…just stubborn. He doesn’t want help but won’t attempt most things on his plate. It’s maddening but whatever. He is getting enough to grow and sleep, so be it.

We are really sticking to consistent rules with him now. He understands us. There is no special treat and nothing else offered until he finished dinner. I rarely give him something different and that is usually just a slight difference like steamed veggies over salad.

He does feed himself for the most part. He is perfecting the fork and loves stabbing food.

He still loves milk more than anything. He is at the fridge when we come downstairs in the morning. Only difference now is he says “peas” and “tank oo”. TAKE ALL THE MILK, YOU CUTE WHINEY MESS!


He_keeps_doing_downward_dog_and_then_reading_books._Rinse_and_repeat._Kids_are_weird.Minus random cries from what we think are bad dreams, he sleeps like a champ. He goes to bed around 7:15-7:30pm and sleeping until 6:30-7am. He wakes in the AM and usually “reads” in bed. We leave him most nights with about 3-4 board books. Some nights he plays and reads for 30 minutes or more before laying down. It’s fun to watch.

Bedtime routine:

  • Bath together (every other night) – We have a dance party where I play music on my iPhone and play peek a boo around the curtain. They just cackle together. There is rarely a fight in the tub. Needless to say, they get pretty pruny.
  • We trade who does each bedtime each night. Ollie gets PJs and a sleep sack and moans “Boo boo” for his books immediately. He is just as picky as his brother shouting “no no” and pushing the book away when it isn’t what he wants. He pats the books he wants. We usually read 3 and then he can pick one to take to bed.
  • Lights off, sing songs. Lately he has been wanting to giggle and butt heads with me in the dark. He thinks it is the funniest. When he is ready, he lays his head on my shoulder and calms down.
  • Put in crib. Sometimes he goes right to sleep and other nights plays and reads.

He still has pacis in the crib to chew. His teeth seem to be bothering him lately.

He naps around 1pm with sometimes a car cat nap in the AMs on weekends. He is a pretty good napper. I really can’t complain.


We are working to get him to talk more over just grunting and screaming. Lately he has shown us he knows a lot more.

  • Da da da – means music. It is usually paired with a little dance.
  • Animal noises – cow, horse, sheep, dinosaur, fox, elephant, chicken, birdie, dog, kitty, wolf {the cutest} and a weird sound for pig, just like Landon did.
  • Please and thank you – we usually have to prompt for please with “ask nicely” or “how do we ask?” but thank you is starting to come after everything. It’s the best
  • Shoes
  • Uh oh
  • Juice
  • The sign for water
  • Apple
  • “Laa Laa” for Landon. He yells it sing songy and it is so cute.
  • Train “choo choo”


He is clumsy as all get out. He runs into walls. He trust falls on to you. He falls on his face EVERY day. He is covered in bruises between that and wrestling his brother who he trust falls on as well. #boys

All the Other Stuff

_winetimeHe knows what he wants. He will pull every book off the shelf and come to you to read. He can clean them up too!

He seems to like trains {thank heavens} and likes to play “race planes” in the evening with brother and Daddy. They each get a plane and run all around downstairs making plane noises.

When given paper and his box of crayons, he would rather just try and put the crayons back in the box of coloring. Nerd.

He can be won over by yogurt raisins.

His favorite song is “When Can I See You Again?” by Owl City. Runner ups include “I Can Only Imagine” by David Guetta and “Happy” by Pharrell where he notes it is from Despicable Me and makes minion sounds “put put?”

He is extremely loyal to HIS teachers and can spider monkey us at drop off like no other if they aren’t around. I keep thinking it will get easier but it never does. Le sigh.



Height – 32 in (48th percentile)

Weight – 23lbs 9oz (23rd percentile)

Head – 48.25 cm (66th percentile)


He is full toddler. MINE and throwing tantrums…it’s all there. He is spunky and we love him. He makes us laugh and want to pull our hair out…so I’d say he is pretty par for the course.

2 thoughts on “Ollie 18 Month Update

  • January 28, 2014 at 7:58 am

    Adorable kid. Love his facial expressions in those instagram shots. We are running into the same issues with talking – it seems like Emma was more advanced with language. The pedi also said second kids (and boys) are all about gross motor skills over speaking and that does fit Alec’s personality perfectly. He’d rather run around the house with E than talk.

    • January 28, 2014 at 10:10 am

      Yes! Gross motor. Kid can throw way better than his brother.


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