Starting From The Bottom

IMG_0155With Kindergarten around the corner, Landon needs to make a big splash. He decided he was gonna drop an album on you fools. He doesn’t want to spoil it but here is a sample track listing to get the media all abuzz. Watch out, Grammys.

Track 1: Twinkle Twinkle Little Butts

Track 2: DJ Got Us Falling in Love {Cover}

Track 3: Gato is Cat {Spanish mix} – waiting for Pitbull to call back

Track 4: What Does the Beans Say? {Featuring Oliver Mann}

Track 5:  I Can Transform Ya {Cover}*

Track 6: Rockin Robin {Featuring Mommy with a man voice…yeah, it’s weird}

Track 7: The Credits Song from Planes {Off key and loud}

*Don’t judge my parenting. There is a fire truck in the video.


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