That Time I Made a Bolo Tie Out of Office Supplies

Bdk4sbkCQAEuWBt.jpg-largeDid you hear? Today is Bolo Tie Friday. For you non-football people, Phillip Rivers has worn a bolo tie at the last several away games for the San Diego Chargers. They have won every time. They are in the playoffs and play this weekend. So Chargers’ fans have designated today Bolo Tie Friday.

Backstory: I went to NC State university in the height of P. Riv mania. Road the bus with him on occasion. Even had the same fitness walking instructor HOLLA {you laugh…but you take it and talk to me after that. The burn. It is real}. So we are practically besties.

So I get in the car this morning and on the way I note,

Quickly I realize my crafty ass can solve this. I WILL MAKE ONE. So I get to work and pillage my desk drawers.


And I got to playing. So voila:


Items Used {because you know you wanna pin this shit}:

  • Old lanyard from SASinSchool days. So basically it’s already vintage. Hipster Points obtained.
  • A Scrabble keychain from a coworker at a conference.
  • A shit ton of paper clips
  • A poop load of tape.
  • Bottle cap
  • Poster putty stuffed into the bottle cap.
  • Paper clip I bent into a spring that is lodged in the putty and taped to the keychain
  • A quarter tapped to the bottle cap.


So happy Bolo Tie Friday!

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