Running Songs of the Week: Week 4


Well I have the Krispy Kreme Challenge tomorrow. I ran Sunday in my neighborhood for the first REAL time. It was beautiful and I couldn’t pass it up. I set out to explore the streets. I found that is smaller than I thought. I went out from the house with the intent that I couldn’t cop out and just go home. If I got out there, I had to get back. I did a 2.5 mile loop with the dog who started struggling (poor guy). I took him home and turned around and went back out. I ran up killer hills and really pushed myself. I got the high again and i was so happy. It takes me 1.5-2 miles to get out of the beginning funk and then I feel like I can run forever.

Still have sore hips but I went to a core and stretch class on Wednesday after a Tuesday lunch run and it felt amazing. I just need to remember the new stretches I learned. Maybe I will share here for everyone. Is that something people want?

So music. I honestly picked out this weeks songs not by running but just listening at work and finding motivating songs.

This Week:

1.  Cody Simpson – La Da Dee (From the credits of Cloudy with a Change of Meatballs 2 – my new favorite movie!)

2.  Elle Goulding – Burn

3.  Charli XCX – What I Like

4. The Holidays – Voices Drifting (I really just like the sound of this in my headphones mostly)

5. John Legend – Made to Love (Benny Benassi remix)

Join me! Comment your favorites to add to the next week. I will keep a running Rdio and Spotify playlist for all to see.



One thought on “Running Songs of the Week: Week 4

  • February 7, 2014 at 10:51 am

    some more running suggestions from the early 2000s…. Postal Service (kind of slow yet good beats) District Sleeps Alone Tonight, Estelle- American Boy. Good luck this weekend! Thanks for the playlist!


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