Things I Love – That Gal {Benefit Primer}

benefit-cosmetics-that-galBack in the early spring, I ran out of foundation. I was going to the mall and only had a few minutes and dropped by the lovely Benefit counter. I drool there. I would take one of everything if I was made of money. I have used their stuff since my wedding (they did my wedding makeup. PRO TIP: you can totally do that for a fraction of the cost of other places). The lady was super sweet and actually recommended I not really get foundation at all. She tried some on me and it was lovely but she was like “wait”. She pulled out That Gal primer.

That Gal is a “brightening primer”. It is a shade of pink (but it doesn’t go on as pink) and just gives you a nice glow effect. The second she put it on I went “oh my”. It was perfection. There is no glitter or shimmer, just brightens. Then she said what I didn’t think sales people were allowed “you could totally just wear this with nothing”. I about kissed her right there.

So I haven’t worn foundation in over a month. After my shower, I put on moisturizer (Pro Tip: I mix a dab of self tanner every few days to help even skin) and then put this on top. I apply by dabbing lightly with my fingers. I concentrate on the highlight areas (cheekbones, t-zone). After that I dab undereye concealer in the corners of my eyes and blend. Slap on some Benetint and voila. Fresh summer face complete. If I do my eye makeup, it takes a max of 7 minutes from start to finish: Voila (fact: blonde lashes make you look dead):

That Gal Primer transformation


So stop saying you don’t have the time. It’s a few minutes.

Another great thing about using That Gal for this long is that my skin feels SO MUCH BETTER. It’s actually GOOD for my skin! So what are you waiting for?

Here is also the video of how I do a full routine of makeup.


Benefit didn’t pay me or give me anything. They don’t know me or know I did this. Truly just love it. To see more things I love, check out my series!


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