Those Sweet Moments

Solo_night_but_we_still_made_it_to_vote._What_s_your_excuseSome days are tough. There is yelling and whining and shoe throwing and pee on the floor…again. There is routine and unfair rules and dinners no one eats. 6 am wake ups and oatmeal on your pants are part of your norm. It’s not glamorous but it’s being a parent.

But even with all the stepped on Legos and cups of water poured over the side of the bathtub, those sweet little moments somehow make giant debacles go away.

Like how Landon wants to stay in the shower longer to “wash off the goosebumps”.

How Ollie tells you thank you for doing nothing. Constantly.

How Landon helps Ollie with his iPod in the car. And the “tank you lan lan” that he spews back. And then the “you’re welcome, buddy”. I mean c’mon.

How Ollie giggles and snuggles into my shoulder when I sing the Yo Gabba Gabba theme song.

How Landon decides that when he is 5 he can carry Ollie for us.

Their intense love and infatuation for Aunt Aly and how she makes them run naps between TV shows.( I swannee she isn’t human.)

Ollie’s love for Turn Down For What.

When Landon wants to read books to Ollie so badly to make him stop crying.

Cool_dude_alert.How Ollie always gets this serious deadpan look in sunglasses.

How Landon can’t ever keep potatoes and tomatoes straight.

The smile Ollie gets when he pees off the deck.

How Landon pops up from jumping in the water and beams and giggles every. single. time.

The way Ollie makes bowls of sand and chases Jack trying to give it to him.

These are moments I worry I will forget. Get lost in the haze of a million big memories. So I wanted to write them down. Trap them in the interwebz forever.



This post was inspired by Shari’s Berries Sweet Something campaign. 

4 thoughts on “Those Sweet Moments

  • June 11, 2014 at 6:55 pm

    Precious. I’m scared I will forget things like this, too. I hate to think of all I have already forgotten.

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  • June 17, 2014 at 9:21 am

    CJ likes to press emotional buttons . . . he’ll intentionally go, person to person, in our family and say “I love you,” but skip saying it to his sister. So Leila will prompt “CJ, I love you,” but CJ will just reply “nope.”

    The other day, we were at the park. I was pushing the kids on the swings and Leila decided that she wanted to do something else right then! She didn’t wait for her swing to stop swinging & fell from the swing, at its apex, which wasn’t all that high . . . but it wasn’t just a step off the swing, either.

    She cried and cried.

    CJ immediately jumps off his swing, helps her to her feet, and hugs her saying “it’s going to be ok, it’s going to be ok.”

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