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Twitter_circle.svgFollow Fridays are kind of a thing of the past but I thought I would bring it back today to help convert some folks. Twitter can be an amazing place. I’ve met my best friends there. I’ve helped people. I’ve laughed. I’ve cried. I’ve talked so much shit it’s ridiculous. But I digress.

In the past people have tried to join based on my recommendation and they get overwhelmed. I realize it can seem like walking into a crowded lunch room but with that analogy in mind, try and just listen. Just join and listen. Decide what you like it for and what you don’t. People aren’t going to just start talking to you because you follow them…so don’t get those expectations. It takes time to find your groove…just like that lunch room.

I think the first step in Twitter success is seeing how YOU want to use it. It may not be like me. You may NEVER tweet but only use it to respond to people. You may use it to only communicate with some friends. The world is your oyster. So I’m going to layout some ways to use twitter and a few recommended follows to get you started

The Library/Newspaper

This one is the most obvious. Follow news outlets (please God not Fox News), local channels and even magazines. You can get snippet headlines all day to keep up to date.


Huffington Post – They have a variety of flavors from world news to entertainment to parenting. They even have a list for happy things.


National Geographic – They have great human interest pieces and stunning images. Also follow them on Instagram for some spectacular behind the scenes stuff.



The Comedy Club

Following comedians is another populate choice. One liners at their finest. I laugh every day at Twitter.


Rob Delaney – if there is a winner for Twitter, it is Rob Delaney…period.

Patton Oswalt – He took the summer off but HE IS BACK YALL.



The Mom’s Group

This one is obvious for me. It’s why I joined Twitter in the first place. I was lonely in the night at all those feedings. It slowly became a safety net to bounce questions off of and then bitch about our kids. Coming up with a list here is a toughie. I follow a lot. It is also a world where you make your own little tribe. So I will just list out bigger time ladies and you can usually find a Twitter button on most mom blogs you like. Start there.




The Tech Wire

Computers are the wave of the future, you guys! Keep up with the fast paced nature by reading 140 character headlines.





The Local Guy

Follow local businesses and groups to keep a beat on  what is going on. Follow the kids museum for special events. Follow breweries for specials. There is a world of possibilities. Sports teams, fairs (the NC State fair is great), venues are great ways to see things to do over teh weekend. Since I am the Raleigh/Durham area, here are a few of my favorites:



Raleigh Parks & Rec

Raleigh & Co.


So get out there and make up a silly handle and get what you want out of the Twitters. And I mean we are infinitely cooler than you Facebook friends and we don’t even make you automatically watch videos 🙂

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