Sweet Moments Part 2

I was recently looking for an old post and came across this one. I had decided to just list out all the cute stuff my kids were doing at the time so I wouldn’t “forget” them. Well guess what…I forgot. I was so happy to read those again. Those little things you just want to sear into your brain.

ollieLike how Ollie says “Pick My Up” to be picked up.

How Landon says “farts” like “fawts” and “park” like “pawk”

The way Ollie sticks his hip out and looks over his shoulder with duck lips and says “baby butt“.

Landon’s cackle laugh when he truly gets tickled.

Ollie’s nerd laugh when he gets excited.

The way Landon asks to scratch my back when I read books.

Ollie’s endearing quality to compliment people for things everyday (“I wike your haircut”)

Landon’s LOVE for stuffed animals or “sleepy toys”. He has so many but legit plays with them. Crocy is his favorite.

How they both sing Hot Ham instead of Hot Damn in Uptown Funk.


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landoHow Landon helps his baby brother do things so well. It’s like a parenting dream.

Ollie’s Pikachu and Tepig impressions.

Landon’s love to make fruit salad for the family.

How Ollie says daddy is a boy and I’m a lady.

How Landon sings in Spanish when he doesn’t think we are paying attention.

Ollie’s speed on a tricycle.

The way Landon loves to share his art with everyone.

How they play Cookie Monster and try to nom each other.

The way Landon will draw Ollie pictures.

The brothers. I just can’t get enough…




2 thoughts on “Sweet Moments Part 2

  • April 1, 2015 at 11:21 am

    Your first sweet moments post was one of my favorites. :-> Good reminder to relish and record.

  • April 2, 2015 at 1:19 pm

    Love these kind of posts! Though I can’t help but think you’re thinking “damn straight” whenever you’re called a lady.


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