Pin of the Week: Summer Veggie Tian

This week: Summer Veggie Tian.

The Problem

Honestly this one was just a luck pin but after seeing it I realized this was a perfect recipe when you have leftover veggies. I could see if you had a garden and an overflow of these things, this would be a no brainer. I am also always looking for new veggie side ideas.

The Pin

I actually saw this link on twitter but pinned it here.

The Result

I say it was pretty tasty. The kids ate some without complete disgust which was saying a lot since these were pretty much the veggies they don’t like. HOORAY CHEESE!

I would say try and gauge the tomato size with this. We aren’t huge tomato fans so I didn’t worry with it but my one standard tomato wasn’t enough to alternate with the others. I may also do a little less onion and maybe switch to vidalia for even sweeter than the yellow.

If you have a slicer, use that. I didn’t and just sliced with a knife best i could. The potatoes needed to be thinner to cook evenly with the other stuff. They weren’t raw but they aren’t super soft.

Rating: A.

It’s worth a try for a couple of bucks worth of ingredients. Go for it. ef50b0db6741cf4d6f115cb253ba72c2


One thought on “Pin of the Week: Summer Veggie Tian

  • July 14, 2015 at 7:56 am


    Seriously, this looks super simple & yummy . . . though my kids have been HIGHLY resistant to “tricking” veggies (and “just add cheese doesn’t always work – though it sometimes does). What I’ve found is that spaghetti mixed with peeled “zucchini pasta” works well. And I can usually convince the kids to eat carrot, red bell pepper, cucumber, corn, and baby corn (now that some of those are coming in from the garden, it’s even better, because they can pick them and then actually get excited about eating them).


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