Snow Day: Because Being an Adult is Dumb

My face is wind burned. My shins are literally black and blue. My hip flexers are on fire. I’m pretty sure the backs of my thighs have Nerf dart welts.

It’s awesome.

If you didn’t hear, the south got snow. I’m sure you heard though because we are the laughing stock of the nation every winter when we get any winter precipitation.  It’s true. We all freak out for milk and bread. Point and laugh at the people who don’t have armies of snow plows for their ice*. I digress.

What happened this weekend isn’t the usual. See…we never really just get snow. Ever. It’s always some snow and then layers of freezing rain. It then will warm up in 24 hours and everything melts…then freezes over night. Rinse and repeat. But this time? We got a more snow than usual without the ice glazed trees swaying to fall on your house. It was perfect playing in the snow without all the anxiety!

This weekend I let go of responsibility. All our plans got canceled. We couldn’t go anywhere so we layered up and played. Played until we got hungry or tired.

We had snowball fights.

We slung the boys in the sled down the street.

At one point I started jumping on the sled to tip the whole thing down the hill and we just laughed until we cried.

While the boys played video games, I walked with friends to the beer shop (the only place open).

We made cinnamon rolls, grilled cheese and ate Pizza Rolls.

There were multiple full family Nerf assaults on poor ole mom.

So I dominated children in said Nerf battles.

We had walks with the neighbors and beers to help the cabin fever.

There was no cleaning. There was no laundry (besides drying wet clothes). There was no meal fighting (tacos and Chinese 4 life).

I know this is going to sound weird but if your life really flashes before you die, I want this weekend to be in there. You got that, brain?

Sometimes the grind of the every day can wear on you. Even the holidays can get sucked dry with being over committed. Every once in awhile there is that moment of clarity that you go “my kids are pretty fucking awesome. I’m a lucky mom”. All it took was 2 inches of snow.


*Note: When anywhere else gets a hurricane, guess who points and laughs? Just sayin.

One thought on “Snow Day: Because Being an Adult is Dumb

  • January 9, 2017 at 5:09 pm

    Perfect weekend.


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