Wanna ask me a question? Wanna use something on my blog?  Wanna gimmee free stuff? Wanna pay me?  If you answered yes to any of these,  you hit the right page.

This blog is written by me and me alone.  I love helping out small businesses and promoting products I love. I love everything from cosmetics to techie gadgets. I am a well rounded individual, after all.  If you have a product you think I will love, let me know!




  1. You’re the coolest person I’ve seen today. Nice to know a bit about you. Can I ask a question….. Why does nobody LOVE movies the way I do? Seriously!!!!

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  9. Cool with a capital K! As first-time mom to baby boy Satchel, I’ve become a mad Googler for any and all help – from sleep regression to “what the @&$?! have I signed up for” with this baby mess. Don’t get me wrong, my sleep deprivation has left my ability to weed out the crap sites in tact…and you lady, have one of THEE most entertaining, helpful, and just plain motivational to keep this newly minted momma going. Just wanted to say “hey” and thanks for choosing to share your stories with the rest of us. It’s a commitment and it shows. 🙂

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  11. I love how straight up honest and down to earth you are about the shit we have to deal with on the regular. I just came across your blog and I am giving you ‘big ups’ on a kick ass job. I laughed, nodded my head and damn near high fived my desk top. . . Fuck yes, you’re on point. And please do NOT stop muthafucken cussing because sometimes saying “Darn” just does NOT get the fucken point across!!! – Mom of two overly hyper boys.

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