Web developer and social media lady from the NC foothills now living in the Triangle with the Mann clan. Wifey est. 11/2005. Mommy est. 8/2009. Miscarriage and postpartum depression survivor.

Likes: running, photography, Patron, Target and web design

Dislikes: twatwaffles, sloths, the use of ‘alot’ and beets




Techie nerd from Raleigh with a heart of gold and OCD like his mother. Eagle scout and lover of all things Apple.Likes: Gears of War, the NBA, candy and vacuuming

Dislikes: douche bags, changes to his favorite foods, cilantro and toilet paper set to roll from underneath.




Crazy 7 year old full of laughs and mischief. Animal lover and limit-pusher extraordinaire. Smart and sneaky all in one package to drive his parents batty. Est. 8/12/2009

Nicknames: Lando, Lando Bando

Likes: Legos, My Little Pony, Pokemon and candy

Dislikes: Rice krispy treats, wearing jeans, potatoes that aren’t fries and losing at anything





Vivacious preschooler always looking to out pace his brother. Always looking for what he can get away with while sporting a devious smile. Est. 7/27/2012

Nicknames: Ollie, Ollie Beans, Beans

Likes: Cooking, super heroes, Legos and jokes

Dislikes: Being told no, socks & shoes, anything with any spice and



Jack Sparrow

Sweet mutt adopted 4/2005. Been described as a giant Jack Russell terrier, pointer, pit bull and boxer. Your guess is as good as ours.

Likes: treats, playing chase, lying in the heat and Grandmommy

Dislikes: puppy bath time, bunnies in his yard, inflatable yard decorations and the Swiffer



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  2. Love your pics and especially the fact you have a pit mix! I have one as well–named Jewels. She is such an awesome, loving dog! See you soon!

  3. The toilet paper roll set to roll from underneath is one of my all time biggest pet peeves!!!!!! So glad others have that same peeve as well 😉

  4. very beautiful family! hot momma, very handsome daddy, two cute boys and one adorable dog! =) I’m excited to read more about you and your family. found you over alicia’s blog (life with ladies)

  5. Your article on Wonder Week 19 is the best thing I’ve read online about this stage. Seriously saving me from losing my mind.

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