You’re Not A Terrible Parent

You're not a terrible parent if you do jack shit at naptime.You're not a terrible parent if you want to quit pumping. You're not a terrible parent if you let your kid play with plastic pigeons. You're not a terrible parent if you user a storage container to make a pool. You're a genius. You're not a terrible parent if you neglect tummy time. You're not a terrible parent if you can't wait to get to work. You're not a terrible parent if you look to Wild Turkey after THAT tantrum.

inspired by this post.


  1. Love this, especially the first one. Nothing bugs me more than when I see the weird justifications of relaxing at naptime – like, it’s ok that I’m lounging right now because I did 12 loads of laundry, whipped up 3 science experiments and put 20 meals in the freezer this morning! Um, what? This isn’t a contest.

  2. Gosh, these are great! I’ve been off beer for a month now (got to something about those couvade pounds), but there are times when a cool amber drink would help…mind if I link this to my fatherhood blog?

  3. You are hilarious!!! Loved this post.

    (And I so am the genius who created a make-shift water table out of a plastic tub. Just look through my Twitter pics – did it last month before we got our shiny new water table from grandma.)

  4. Hilarious! Great post. Especially the last one. I refer to it as “Mommy’s Little Helper.” And it is not reserved just for tantrums in our house. Sometimes it’s in celebration that we all made it through the day alive and fed.

  5. Do I have to tell you I needed this today? Because I did…

    Love your blog, it’s one of the few that I turn to in desperate times. Not that anyone with a 9 month old has desperate times πŸ™‚

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