When it hits you


I put the dishes in the sink and curl up on the chaise. Seconds later, a giggling little boy is wedged between me and the arm. He wraps his legs around mine. Just like I do to his daddy. His head lays on my soft tummy.

It makes a good pillow, at least.

“Mommy? Can we watch Jake and a lebberman pirates, please?” Sure, kid. “Yo ho, let’s go”. He loves this show. He asked for all the characters for Christmas along with “dusty, skipper, batman and a tractor from the hardware store”. His Christmas describes him perfectly. He never cares for big toys. He just wants figurines to play pretend with. His trains can save Jake. Lightening can help Izzee. I can already see it. I soak it up. His list want be this mind melting adorable for long.

He makes that throaty laugh. “Mommy? Do you want to smell my stinky feet?” He wrenches his leg over his shoulder and sticks his monkey sock in my face. He’s right. They are disgusting. I make stinky footed babies. It’s a gift, really. He cackles and then shoves them in Ollie’s face. Everyone gets to experience it.

“Mommy? I love you. ”

If he asked me for a spaceship right now, I’d call NASA to see what kind of deals they are running. He doesn’t realize that power yet. How it can bring me to my knees. He really thinks t. He isn’t looking to get cash or a car. It’s just love. It’s intoxicating.

It’s Ollie’s bedtime, so I scoop him up mid run and put him down while Landon crawls up with Daddy to finish Jake. I hear the cackling through the stairwell. I come back and resume my spot. He climbs between me and Daddy and gets his book.

You see, they made books at school. The basic early reader type where the verbs have a picture clue. But subjects, adjectives and pronouns are there to challenge. He reads it cover to cover. We help him with a few words which he clearly retains pages later. Daddy and I glance at each other. Whoa. He just did it. Essentially by himself. It’s a whole new world.

He asks me to do bed. I was planning on looking over my volunteer packet but it can wait. We read Thomas and Hop on Pop. I sing Thomas’ Roll Call with Jake train names and ABC by the Jackson 5. Lullabies aren’t our cup of tea.

I come downstairs and fill a wine glass. I spent a day with pinkeye, lovingly shared from my kids. I open my laptop. I mark my defects for code freeze. I follow up on some emails. Chat with a friend. But then I type in our base elementary school. Then click Kindergarten Registration.


Oof. That hurt.

4 thoughts on “When it hits you

  • December 9, 2013 at 10:09 am

    They grow up so fast! Can’t wait to see all of you!

  • December 9, 2013 at 10:19 am

    Love this sweet post! Seems like yesterday they were tiny babies, doesn’t it?

  • December 9, 2013 at 2:22 pm

    I looked up the kindergarten thing last week – Jan 13th. (Are you not Wake anymore?) Freaked me out. How’d we get here so fast. And I’m cracking up at the stinky feet. My son has crazy stinky feet! My mom joked about it when he was 6 months wondering how a baby could manage that. Boy thing maybe? At any rate, totally can relate. Trying to soak up each and every minute because soon they will be big boys and won’t need us quite as much.


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