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21 Day Fix: Week 1 Complete

April 14, 2014

So I started a exercise program. I announced this in grand fashion by taking a photo of my muffin top in the bathroom mirror during bathtime for the boys and now on here. Exhibit A   I stopped working out regularly last summer due to a work crunch and the post-crunch “Treat yoself” mantra I […]

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Toddler Dinners: Sample Daycare Menus

March 25, 2014

Recently someone (I can’t remember…I blame booze) asked what kind of things Landon has for lunch. We are super lucky to have a stellar daycare that prepares his lunch. Lucky in the fact that I don’t have to pack lunches because that sounds awful. It also makes me feel less guilty when weekend lunches are […]

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The Boy That He Is

February 27, 2014

I should be doing work right now. We just put the boys to bed. I have my glass of wine and VPN started. If statements need to be written. Tweets need to be scheduled. My inbox looks like a nightmare but I had to get this out. I want to remember this time…the good and […]

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The Morning

January 13, 2014

I woke him up this morning. He buried his head in the covers and said “the light is TOO BRIGHT”. He didn’t want it to be a school day, he said. I picked out his clothes and just laid them on the bed. It was going to be a struggle. {why couldn’t he sleep in […]

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Toddler Dinners: Don’t Sweat Every Meal

December 13, 2013

At Ollie’s 15 month appointment, the pediatrician was asking her standard developmental questions of him and instead of asking how he did eating she asked “does he have 1 good meal a day?”. I chuckled. She is a mom of 2 now too. She knows asking how a toddler is eating is opening yourself up […]

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Grinds My Gears

December 12, 2013

Whoever told my child that “jeans will fall off”. I think this happened at preschool when someone’s pants were too big. Now he refuses jeans because they will fall off. UGH. People complaining about all they have to do for the holidays when they are the one putting it on themselves. Not all kids need […]

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When it hits you

December 9, 2013

I put the dishes in the sink and curl up on the chaise. Seconds later, a giggling little boy is wedged between me and the arm. He wraps his legs around mine. Just like I do to his daddy. His head lays on my soft tummy. It makes a good pillow, at least. “Mommy? Can […]

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You Asked, I’m Answerin

September 18, 2013

In my PicPack giveaway,  I required the person entering to leave a comment asking me any question. I kind of get tired of the same type of contest comments that say the same things. I figured we should have fun…and y’all made it fun! 26 random ass questions from the easy to the personal to […]

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It Ain’t Babysitting

September 3, 2013

Warning: I got a bone to pick so bear with me. I may ramble but I have limited blogging time, so work vomit you get. I haven’t had a good rant in awhile. ::cracks knuckles:: There are a few phrases that piss me off when it comes to parenting. “Sleep when the baby sleeps” “Cherish […]

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And the cow ate the phone.

August 16, 2013

You guys? I LOVE KINDERGARTEN PREP! They do so many fun things and Landon has learned so much just being in there a few weeks. He is drawing more things on his own and even writing the words. I mean this is “Star Wars”: Everyday, at nap time, the teachers compile photos and stories from […]

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