Oliver’s First Few Hours

One thing I did a little differently this go round was get hospital photos. Looking back at Landon’s, I didn’t get everything I wanted…with good reason. I was busy. I wish I had some more of those memories…with better light.

When I found out I was pregnant, my girl Laura offered up her services for ALL THE PHOTOS. So on the day of Oliver’s birth, she was woken up by a text that he was here and to get her sweet butt to the hospital. She was actually there when the rest of the Kevin’s family and Landon got to see Oliver. While that part didn’t go the greatest (his next meeting was much better…who knew?), they are still precious photos of a 7 hour old Ollie.  Enjoy…

Stay tuned for newborn photos that will make you gasp. I’m serious. Laura has shot our family twice and me NUMEROUS times. I have never swooned over photos like these in my life. Her way with Landon is jaw droppingly awesome. I am pretty sure he would go anywhere with the “smarties” lady.

Looking for a photography in Triangle Area? Laura Case is amazeballs.  You can see a ton of her work all over this blog…and my phone…and my harddrive…and my house…you get the picture 🙂


  1. These are killing me softly.
    He’s adorable. You guys are stunning. This is so much awesome.
    I’m tearing up because oh so badly I wished I could have been there & this makes it ok for me to fake like I was for a minute.

  2. These photos are adorable!!! We shelled out the money to buy the photos from the in-hospital photographer when H was born and even though we paid WAY too much for 8 poses, I am so happy we did it.
    Also, I’m so impressed that you are all cute and already in a nursing tank 7 hours after he was born…I was in a hospital gown for ohhhhh two days.

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