Working with Style…or lack thereof

So the lovely ladies over at Liberating Working Mom (just love this blog) started a new series to see what working moms are sporting to the office. I love the idea because as much as I love Mandy’s Stepping Out Saturday, I think people would be tired of ‘Target clearance rack’ and flip flops. Now while I wouldn’t refer to my work outfits as “stylish” all the time, I thought I would throw my hat in the ring.

Now we are casual where I work. We are kinda known for it. I could wear sweatpants and no one would really care. I stay in my office most of the day and maybe go to the gym and or cafe. Back in the spring, I got a little jealous of all you lovely ladies on the interwebz and your styles and decided I needed to step it up. So with a few trips to the rich consignment shop and hand me downs from my coworker Allison and her twin sister, I decided to try and spruce it up. I went to yard sales for jewelry and got some staples at a big Loft sale. Just enough to mix and match and never spent over $20 on an item.

So I decided to show you 2 outfits from the week. Super lazy, dressed up:

Because why dress up when you look this awesome?

Runner legs...rawr

I linked up with Liberating Working Moms new “Working with Style” this week.
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  1. Loved both articles. When we moved to Denver and I started the job I have now I thought fantastic I can wear jeans everyday. Well after 3 years I am tired of wearing jeans. Yes I just said that. I work in the office at a warehouse and don’t really want to dress up because I work around dirty parts and I could ruin a nice outfit. Sometimes I think it would be nice to work some where, where I could wear jeans or dress up depending on how I feel. Although if I get an ‘office’ job I will definitely need to go shopping.

  2. I live in my ash gray Toms! I get to wear jeans at work, but I try not to do it all the time, but the Toms go so well. And I love that blue shirt. Thanks so much for joining in the Working With Style fun. Can’t wait to see next week’s outfit 🙂

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