Working with Style – It’s FALL!

Feelin good…not gonna lie

Took me all week to get this outfit going.  Monday gave you a simple tank/cardigan combo. Tuesday rolled in with my prized Anthropologie wrap and skinny jeans. The same day I rolled right off the Bosu ball in Interval Training class and bruised the top of foot.  O yeah.  It hurt.  I was down for the count.  Even had to bow out of my photography class at the fair.  Too much swelling.  So Wednesday and Thursday were full of comfort wear. So by Friday, the temps had cooled way down and you know what that means? BOOTS!!! These Banana Republic boots were a prized hand me down from my co worker’s twin sister.  I got them in like April so this was a first. Topped them with some skinny jeans to make my ass look FAWEN and an adorable clearance rack Old Navy jacket and BAM, we have fall…all for less than $50. I am so excited for fall…now next goal is to find some nice sweater dresses.  Any recommendations?

I am linking up with Krista today over at Liberating Working Moms. She asks about shopping sprees. I am actually waiting around on an Old Navy deal that is next weekend. Plan: sweater dresses, tights, and skirts to wear with boots! Also probably a few more pairs of Loft jeans. They are the only jeans I have that I can wear multiple times without getting dumpy butt. Hooray! What are you on the look out for to complete you business ensemble?

Come join the ladies at LWM at every Saturday to showcase your work week attire.


  1. You look great! I need to embrace the skinny jean trend…. Probably by the time I get the balls to do it, the style will be soooo yesterday.

    Also? Bruised the top of your foot? OUCH.

  2. I’ll say it again: this is a HAWT outfit. I love everything about it.
    Now send me those boots. I covet them….huge.

    And yes, I agree with Krista- I really need to find me some nice skinny jeans, but I don’t have the balls to try them out. Skerred.

    • Key i getting the right fit. I recommend going pricier…I had tried other brands but wasn’t happy because of mentioned dumpy butt. Loft make me feel great and not like I am pouring myself in.

  3. I saw some FANTASTIC sweater dresses at Old Navy yesterday. But I’m cheap, they were $45, and that’s a lot for Old Navy when I know they’ll eventually be on sale.

    Added to my shopping list: skinny jeans.

  4. You look awesome! I love those boots…nice snag! 🙂 Since, like you I can wear whatever I want to work, I do try and “dress up” the jeans I wear…head to toe…that’s my kind of style.

  5. I love my skinny jeans! So glad I finally realized my short curvy body could pull it off. I dig the Old Navy Sweetheart skinny jeans. Worth a try I think 🙂 And love those boots! I have crazy big calves and can’t find boots like that to zip up. So yeah, hey jealousy 😉

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