Let’s hear it for the num nums!

Well, the day has come, Landon is officially weaned from breastfeeding. We made it 15 months and 2 weeks…WAY past what I thought. I kinda decided after Thanksgiving and the WAY TOO early mornings, that we needed to cut the cord. He got into a little habit of coming into bed with mommy and daddy to keep quiet. While it worked, it left mommy with a baby clawing her and squirming at 5 am while Daddy snored. My extended sleeping reasoning for extended breastfeeding wasn’t working as planned. So I figured, we make a change when we go back home and make the switch.

On Monday, he got up late, so we went straight to breakfast. Tuesday, when I went to get him from the crib, he pointed to the bed like he wanted me to lay with him but I asked him if he wanted his sippy, he said ‘yeah’ and we got it. No looking back.

I didn’t cry like I thought and I think it was because I didn’t let myself think about it too much. I didn’t plan “we will stop at a year” and then dread the impending birthday. The time arose and we stopped. I miss it, yeah. It hasn’t been about milk for awhile…just the snuggling. Sweet sweet snuggling. I did get a little teary when I dropped the night time feeding and my supply dipped way down and he would start signing ‘more’. It was so pitiful :(. Honestly, it was never that hard. Yeah there was some getting used to and some sleepless nights…but it was fan-freakin-tastic. I would do it over and over.

*That’s right GASP I put a photo of breastfeeding on here…but look! artistic!

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