Happiness is: Girlfriends

Yes I am copying my friend Suzanne’s meme here…but hey you can see her below shoving a cupcake in her face.

Cupcake Trip

Cupcakes FTW!

I juggle a lot. A kid, a full time job, a hobby (or 2), a fitness habit, friends, family and everything else in my jam packed life. Some people ask how I do it…and I laugh at the question. I dunno. I just do? I prioritize and do what I can for me and my family.  It isn’t easy all the time but does anyone really have it easy?

I think one major variable is how I value self care. Just because you become a mom doesn’t mean you have to put everything else before you. That doesn’t get your a mommy of the year award…it gets your insomnia and crippling anxiety. Recently I have read a few posts from some of my favorite gals in this blogging world on this very thing.


Jill talked about how sleep deprivation comes with parenthood but it isn’t some kind of merit badge to one up anyone with. You need to take care of yourself so you can take care of others…and this means you NEED sleep.

Kate talked about self care with baby #2 and understanding how that makes her a better mother. After a tough time after her first with PPD, she knew to put herself as a priority this time and not to get overwhelmed.

Alicia talked about how sometimes doing something for yourself can feel so strange but then SOOOOOOO good. Not only is it beneficial to her but she is teaching her girls the power of self care too.

Me and Suz

2 preggos walk into a bar...

Part of my self care is friends. I have talked before about assembling my mommy friend army. This has saved my sanity many times along with an active social media life. When I want to bitch about my kid being a total asshole, I know Beth Anne will be ready for a walk and not judge me but say “hell yeah they are”. When I want to watch my kid get so excited he is going to bust, I call Cara for a playdate with his bestie. When I need a break from my workday, I know Jen will be up for a coffee run or even just a quick run in general. When I feel like bantering with someone about completely inappropriate topics, I text Brandee and Alicia (praise Jesus for iMessage).  I am a lucky lady.

Any one of these scenarios has brought me out of tears and turned it into laughing. When I had my hard day, we skipped the lunch time walk and went to have lunch instead. When we had to leave Landon screaming at daycare one morning after already having a rough time ourselves, I had a friend thousands of miles away to talk to just say “that fucking sucks” and give me some perspective ;).

So thanks to all of you. Whether I have met you in person or not. I value all of your friendships. I read your words and feel better. I get out and get some sunshine and get a dose of relaxation. Just knowing I have you to call on means the world to me. I love you all and hope to one day meet you all and hug your face off.


  1. DUDE.
    You must read Bringing Up Bebe. We were meant to be French parents, which pains me. I have a blog post coming up on this, but one thing the French value is being a parent AND other stuff – time with friends, time for yourself, working out, etc.

    Actually I’ve been listening to it from the library on my ipod when I work out.

  2. Sweet post 🙂 And I highly recommend Bringing Up Bebe too. It’s interesting to read the differences between parenting styles, and I really liked how the French emphasized the importance of a well-rounded life.

  3. And now I just want a cupcake 😉 Heart this post. I trying really hard to work on this aspect of my life. Making mommy friends is like dating all over again…like you’ve said…and it’s hard for me and the part I struggle the most with in this department.

  4. LOVE THIS. I completely agree with you and am so grateful to have my mommy friends who share in our needs for “me time” away from the fam. It really does re-charge your batteries, so that you can go back to being the best mama & wife you can be.

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