21 Day Fix: Week 1 Complete

So I started a exercise program. I announced this in grand fashion by taking a photo of my muffin top in the bathroom mirror during bathtime for the boys and now on here. Exhibit A



I stopped working out regularly last summer due to a work crunch and the post-crunch “Treat yoself” mantra I had going to cope. Last summer I dropped about 10 lbs from just not eating and not being hungry. Many of you are all sarcastically rolling your eyes with “OH if only that was my problem” but it was disconcerting not wanting to eat and not getting enough nutrients. I was tired and genuinely worried. Well eventually it came back and I kept on eating and still not exercising. I started to try and run again and my hip acted up. In January I set about trying to workout at least twice a week and have to say I have been pretty good with that but it wasn’t putting a dint into the weight I had gained back. I needed more.

Then a month or so ago I met a new neighbor who touted this 21 Day Fix program. It is from the P90x people. I did that years ago and knew it was a hard workout but no working mom is gonna find 90 minutes a day to work out. Just. No. But this program offered 30 min a day. I could do that.

So what is this 21 Day Fix?

Well it is a 21 day “program” of eating and fitness. The idea is to do this for 21 days and change your habits and see crazy results. To that I say, HA. Yes there are photos of people making a transformation in 3 weeks but I am not naive to think everyone can see this kind of change. I just wanted to exercise more and feel better about myself when I had a that second glass of wine on a Tuesday. 3 weeks of 30 minutes a day of exercise. Some days I will do more with a run or do a 45 min class at the gym but I am committing to 21 days of exercise.

Is this a diet?

No. The eating portion is keyed off the ever popular “clean eating” buzzword but basically it’s portion control. They provide you with containers to measure out protein, carbs, veggies, fruits and nuts. They say “you can eat whatever you want as long as it fits in the containers”. I am NOT doing this part. I got into this so it gave me workouts every day…and by that I actually just eat better. If I workout, I want lighter, healthier faire. I have to say I understand portion control and believe everyone take some time to monitor portion size. Educate yourself. But I also think this approach is oversimplifying some things. For instance, 1 container for vegetables is not all encompassing. I eat kale salads for lunch in the week. Raw kale takes up a lot of room for a little amount. 1 container of steamed broccoli is not a container of raw kale. I have just been trying to make healthier choices in general (oatmeal with walnuts over bacon & eggs, tofu and veggies from Chinese place, snack on apple slices). I also know I need to eat more in the AM than any other time of day to make my metabolism right…containers don’t account for this. So I am watching what I am eating better but not doing that system. I am not looking to get rid of a bunch of weight…just looking for a healthier routine.

All this said, I am going to officially read through all the material this week and see what I learn from it and plan to post about that next week. Stay tuned.

Is it really 30 minutes a day and if so will it kill me?

It really is 30 minutes a day. I am one week in and I did it everyday. 5 of the 7 days I did it either right after dinner with the boys(I just eat small portions and it didn’t really impact me) or waited until they were in bed. The workouts change each day so it isn’t like listening to Jillian Michaels yell at you every day. The order I am doing is:

  1. Total Body Cardio – Cardio and weights together. It will wear you out.
  2. Upper Fix – All shoulders, biceps, triceps, shoulders and abs.
  3. Lower Fix – Every lunge and squat you have ever seen. All with weights
  4. Yoga (they recommend Pilates here) – Disclosure: I didn’t do Yoga this week from the DVD. I had a 45 minute class at work.
  5. Cardio Fix – So. Much. Cardio. It was hard but good. You can do anything for a minute.
  6. Dirty 30 – Cardio with some weights. Hard ass work out. Glad it was on Saturday.
  7. Pilates – Great pilates mix. You only do 1 move one set and move on. I kind of liked that when we got into some position I wasn’t fond of.

It is a hard 30 minutes. You get a little rest between sets but doable. It will not kill you. It will push you. The mantra I like so much is “you can do anything for 60 seconds”. Most workouts are made up of a few sets with 2-4 exercises in each. You do one move for 60 seconds…so you just have to hang on. It’s like when you run and say “well I can make it to that mailbox…that tree…that light post”. It helps me.  There are modifications and I think good for everyone. Take it at your pace. You get better every day.

You only need free weights or a resistance band. You will want a mat or carpet for floor stuff. I suggest staying on the small side for weights in the first week. The high reps catch up to you quickly.


I am not looking to “lose weight”. I don’t care what the scale says. I don’t want to buy bigger clothes and want to feel healthy. That is my goal. I hope to get my arms back in shape and shave off some muffin top. I will post results at the end of 21 days. We shall see!


How do I sign up!?

Well you can go here and order. Let me know how it goes!

Wait but what was this plank challenge thing?

My_everything_hurts.__higgymannchallenge__plankaday__wallsitaday__officeworkoutsBefore I started this program, I was just working out at the gym and texted Alicia while I was planking. When I was done I sent my time. She accepted my challenge and the rest is history. We now plank almost daily (these workouts leave me pretty worn out) and try and increase the time. It’s an easy challenge. Find some space in your office and hold one for as long as you can. Do it every day and better your time. Done. There are full guidelines for increasing time but doing it every day will only make you better. So do it!

For you overachievers, try a wall sit too. No need for workout gear and you can do it while your machine reboots. Fitting in fitness in those free minutes get you in the habit of maximizing your time. Go for it!

Point is if I can motivate you somehow, fantastic. Get moving…those bathing suits are coming, you know.


4 thoughts on “21 Day Fix: Week 1 Complete

  • April 15, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Interesting. One of my friends/sorority sisters has been doing this for a month and is now doing it with a bigger group this month. It’s the newest thing! To be honest, her results are pretty amazing. And since I know her personally, it’s pretty cool to know she isn’t just photoshopping what she went from and to. I still just can’t wrap my head around working out for 21 days straight right now. I am looking forward to seeing your end result!

    • April 15, 2014 at 1:32 pm

      It’s about making it a priority. Easier said than done but once you set that up, it works. 30 minutes is doable. I give ollie a basket of legos. He pokes me in the belly while I do sit ups.

  • April 15, 2014 at 8:52 pm

    Your goal is perfect! That’s exactly where I have been in the past. People get so fixated on the scale. Losing fat & toning up can equal healthier without ever losing a pound. Best of luck in this! You’ll rock it. I’m sure. 🙂

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