21 Day Fix: Complete

2_min_flat._1_min_RT_side._1_min_LT_side._Up_to_hands_and_crawl_back_down_for_30_sec._Then_50_sec_flat.__higgymannplankchallengeNote: Read about 21 Day Fix  in my previous post.

Well I did it….well mostly. In the 21 days, I only missed 2 days. 1 day I was literally on my feet all day outside playing with the boys and doing yard work. We were at the River and once kids were in bed, we had guests come by. I literally had no time all day but figured I was active all day anyway. The next day I did 2 workouts to make up. THe second day was a complete fluke. Just no excuse other than I didn’t prioritize it and then went into “fuck it mode”. The next day I kicked my own ass and went harder.

Not Following It Exactly

Now in the 21 days, I didn’t do the videos every day but I did do something in the same realm of what was on that day. Like last Monday I didn’t do a video and went to a body sculpt (upper and lower weights) class at the gym for 45 min. I did heavier weights than I used to and burned out on each exercise. Tuesday? Ouch ouch ouch. So since I didn’t get as much of the cardio with the lifting, I ran that morning. The on Friday a friend from work convinced me to go to this outdoor I.T. class at lunch and wooo boy it burned. Cardio, balance, strength training and even some sad pull up attempts. Then on Sunday morning I went out for a short 2.5 mile loop run and decided to get crazy and ran a new way and went 4 miles. It was great.

I didn’t do the meal plan. I tried to eat better in general. Less snacking. Better choices. Smaller portions. Back to trying to do mostly vegetarian lunches. I can still do better.

Oh and don’t forget #higgymannplankchallenge

Making A Habit

My main goal of this was to get back in the habit of exercising…craving it even .I think it has worked. Going into a holiday weekend away, I prepared by putting all the DVDs on my iPad and packed my weights. Even when it rained on Saturday, I worked out on one side of the living room while the kids played in the other. Later I set up shop between the guest beds and did abs while the boys climbed on the bunk beds. I made it work. I didn’t want to miss a workout.

When I do workout, I am really pushing myself. I crave the burn. The 30 minute video option is great for after dinner and before boys to bed.

So Can You Tell A Change?

Full disclosure: the scale really hasn’t moved but I really don’t care. I feel stronger. I feel leaner. I didn’t drop all these inches or something but I feel less jiggly. My core is even stronger and even in my run on Sunday, I could feel how much stronger my legs were. Once again my goal was getting back into habit, not miracle body.

Now what’s the plan?

Keep it up. Exercise 6 days a week is my goal. I think having 1 rest day is important and takes a little pressure off. My next 21 days is going to be better with eating. I do pretty well and then eat my feelings. My new goal is only occasional glass of wine in the week and more meals at home. When I cook, I eat smaller portions. It’s pretty simple.


I will probably start sampling some other workout videos we have on Apple TV stoked up to keep it interesting. I will try and go to at least 1 class a week at work because my competitiveness helps me work harder. I also want to try and get to running in the mornings before work. The weather is finally stabilizing now to not have to get out cold weather gear at 5 am.

So get out there, you. Find a new habit. Totally worth it.

5 thoughts on “21 Day Fix: Complete

  • April 30, 2014 at 9:13 am

    Inspirational – thanks for the follow-up. Definitely need to consider doing something like this to get back into the habit of exercising again. My company will have a team in the Chase Corporate Challenge Run in 1.5 months and my goal is to run the 5.5K without stopping. My plan is to do the C25K program before work and some toning / light weights (or something of the sort) in the evenings.

  • April 30, 2014 at 9:54 am

    Higgy said it best… “thanks for being my motivator.” I’ve been working out more lately and feeling inspired by the #higgymannplankchallenge as well as attempting to run. At times it is laughable but some days I really kick ass! I’m struggling with the eating part big time! And to be honest? The drinking. I’ve been super down lately and eating/drinking my feelings has been my go-to. It’s great that I’m working out but if all I’m doing is working off my last meal then you can imagine how the weight isn’t exactly falling off. But, like you, I have felt stronger and the exercise has helped me to not fall into an even greater slump. So, yay? Anywho, we all have our demons and I’m working every day to silence mine but in the meantime I’m definitely soaking in some inspiration and motivation from you! Thanks!

  • April 30, 2014 at 3:01 pm

    You’ve always looked good — but, yeah, you’re looking especially good now.

    And fuck the scale. Seriously, fuck it. I step on mine, really, only because I made it a habit a long time ago, and I need to get the weight in order to read my body fat % (I have one of those fancy-schmancy scales).

    Healthy habits are good.

  • April 7, 2015 at 11:54 pm

    How did you put the DVDs on your iPad?


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