Hump Day Fun: Smarter Every Day Science

In my usual morning troll through social media, I stumbled across this YouTube channel and fell down a hole. Luckily it actually applies to my job in educational software. I am always looking at ways people are making learning fun and sharing with our subscribers. I figured these would be fun lessons for all.

Smarter Every Day

This first one is how to use a mini-van, a balloon and a pendulum to explain fluid dynamics.

This one uses dropping cats to explain angular momentum and to answer the question “How do cats always land on their feet?”

This one explains how a baby goes from a liquid environment to a gaseous environment at birth. Spoiler: your “heart plumbing” changes immediately. Whoa.

and lastly, how waves move inside your microwave and why you need a carousel. You will learn the best place to put food to heat!

So happy hump day. Hope you learned something.

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