The River for July 4th

Every year, we go to “the river” for a week at the 4th of July. I spend 7-10 days with all my husband’s family. Yes, I vacation with my inlaws…and it is AWESOME. Crowd sourcing child care when you are shit faced is part of the fun!

On Saturday, the community throws a huge party for the 4th. We start with a parade in the morning around the circle. There is a theme and the kids all dress up and ride on trailers behind tractors, golf carts, etc. It is adorable. Then they have a inflatable water slide for them all (we are talking TONS of kids). They play until the afternoon when one family hosts games and crafts for them all. They had kayak races, painting, a pinata, “fishing” and much more this year. They can win little prizes even including ice pops. It’s adorable. Then we have a town meeting to discuss the communities needs for the year and the party next year. Then POT LUCK. It’s a fun day for all and we just hang out for the whole week. We do…nothing. We play when we want. We eat whenever. We all just hang. All of Kevin’s extended family has houses down there. We group parent. We party. We drink…a lot. But we never really DO anything. It is amazing :). So here is a giant picture post 🙂


  1. “Crowd sourcing child care when you are shit faced is part of the fun!” Best line ever. Sounds like a lot of fun and a great place to return to every year.

  2. Glad y’all had a great break! We pretty much tote the in-laws whenever possible to have an extra set of hands on vacations – always helps with alcohol consumption and the boy loves it because he’s totally spoiled by them!

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