Flashback Friday

Because Throwback Thursday on Instagram made me laugh at myself so hard, I thought I would just share them here for your enjoyment.

First we have the classic Senior Portrait. You know the one. Fake trees. A fence. Hands on cheek. Well I found the proofs from mine last night and SHAZAM


I don’t always wear a denim shirt but when I do, I pop that fuckin collar.

Then for my best friend’s 16th birthday I bought a cute dress and posed in front of my car {pour one out for old Blue}. Apparently I decided 2 legs wasn’t skinny enough or something. EAT A BURGER FOR CHRIST’S SAKE.


Then we thought it would be cute to pile into a locker after aerobics class. Also? That hat. Epic. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sabrina sends me a dead bird in the mail over this one.

And the last gem I found was Junior prom. I just left it untitled. Let your mind caption it. For the record, I did have fake hair in there before it was cool. SO TAKE THAT. Should have posted my middle school fake glasses because I was hipster before it was cool too.


Happy Friday!

One thought on “Flashback Friday

  • July 19, 2013 at 8:49 am

    Dying. Seriously. Dying.

    The fake hair, the spiky blonde showed up as I scrolled down. Heh.

    These are awesome. You were so the wee one!


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