Baby Butt

Months ago, Ollie coined a signature move. One day, I think at bathtime, he jutted out his hip, sported some duck lips and said “It’s my baby butt”. It’s hilarious every. Single. Time. Now he asks us all “Show your baby butt” and we jut out a hip and give duck lips. I have tried to video it so many times but man, that kid won’t perform.

So then last night I got out my camera playing outside and he did it. Voila! The Baby Butt!



SIDEBAR: If you are all “you let your toddler say butt!”, go read this. Yes, I do…and I don’t think I am ruining the world.


  1. Cutest thing ever. My little sister used to do something similar as a kid, only her phrase was “See my butt?!” She was so embarrassed about it when she got older and we reminded her (and her friends) that she used to do that.

  2. If not “butt” what are we supposed to have the kids call it? I still remember the look of horror at a friend’s birthday party when I said “heiney” because I knew his family was a “proper family” and that “butt” might be frowned upon. But, honestly, what are we supposed to call it?

    Anyway – that’s a cute boy you have there. A very cute boy 🙂

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