The Last Night

I’m not sentimental for the most part. I don’t hoard my childhood things. I don’t get attached to things. Cars, toys, clothes…houses. There are always a few exceptions like Bear Bear (that now resides in Landon’s bed) or the Enloe basketball t-shirt that is literally falling to pieces but I look mostly forward…not backwards. Maybe it’s why I like photography. I capture the moment for me to see. I don’t need the stuff. I need the memory and something to jar it. Just how I process.


In one week, we will be sitting in lawyer offices selling our house AND buying a new one (yes in the same day…go big or go home). We have lived in this house for almost 8 years. We moved in 2 weeks after our honeymoon (see…go big or go home), brought 2 babies home and mourned 2 more. We have filled this house with love, memories and a shit load of STUFF. We are bursting at the seams with all of it. The last few weeks have been living amongst boxes I pack when the boys go to bed. The boys have 4 little baskets of toys left to play with and plenty of empty boxes that they make into trains and dance floors. Making the best of it. And being pretty damn adorable along the way.

They will adjust just fine. I am not even remotely worried about it. They take change like champs like their mama and keep on trucking. Now they will get their own play room. A pool. A giant screened in porch. A neighborhood to ride bikes and make new friends. A treehouse to get their granddaddy to help pimp out. ALL THE SOCK SLIDING (no more carpet…at all). Possibly even see some bats outside (long story for later…). It’s gonna be awesome and we are so stressed out while being excited what our forever home will bring. #beerme


But tonight is the last night my babies will sleep in this house. Tucked in their little adjoined bedrooms with their “secret” pocket doors.  Where they we can close their doors and let them go bananas in that little L shape.  The last night Ollie will scamper up those stairs when we mention “night night” (toddler class is tough business…homeboy is tired).  The last night we will crank up 4 white noise machines. The last night Jack Jack will sleep at the top of the stairs to protect his babies at night.

Nope…not sentimental…just the pink eye…yeah…that’s it.



  1. Definitely know the feeling of living out of boxes. We are officially out of our old home on Tuesday and moving into the new one sometime in November. The memories in the old home are unforgettable. But the new ones that will be made in the new house are way more exciting and I am in anticipation to see what they will be. Good luck with the move!

  2. I hear ya. We had always said our first house was just a first house. A temporary spot. Always knew we would sell it someday. I was all excited and pumped when the time came. But, yeah, the last moments like Dylan leaving to go to his grandparents while we moved, our final night in the house, that last look before tossing in the key and walking away – yeah, they still got to me especially as I was exhausted and stressed. DH & I both dropped some crazy weight during that mess too. I’m still a tad sentimental about our first house, but I also know we did well making the move. Looks like you found a perfect new forever home. Congrats and best of luck in the next crazy week!!

  3. My contacts must be acting up… a little misty eyed reading that.

    We talk about all the things we dislike about our house and how we can’t wait to move someday. But I get teary just thinking about the day we’ll someday leave the place we came home to after our honeymoon, brought our daughter home from the hospital to, and have experienced so many firsts for our little family. *sniff*

  4. We bought our house as a “starter home” and knew it would never be a forever home, but as we packed up the last of our possessions into my dad’s covered trailer this past weekend, I fought back a tear. Maybe it was because Emma was waving goodbye to her old room. Or the fact that we had started our life in that house between marriage and bringing home two babies. But it will be torn down in the spring for a power line expansion and maybe I’ll find peace in knowing that no one else will experience “firsts” in that house. But then again our firsts will be in a landfill. So instead, we focus on the memories we are creating in our new place. Congrats on the new place and making new memories and traditions!

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