If ever there was a name synonymous in my mind to “tough as nails”, it would be Langdon {followed closely by Lela Mann}. Kevin’s mom’s family is a collective group of bad ass individuals. So much so that Landon’s name was almost Langdon. {we settled on Landon because we figured people would do just say that anyway}. They are a loving group who also love to aggravate the ever living hell out of each other. Ollie got this gene…it’s just…swell. Let me tell ya.

In the wee hours this morning, we lost one of the great ones. Edsel Langdon, or granddaddy as we call him, led a long, exciting life with the prettiest blue eyes you ever did see. He loved kids more than most people I know and never gave up an opportunity to make a rabbit out of a handkerchief. We will never forget his tremendous heart and he will be dearly missed.



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