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sas curriculum pathwaysDid you know that when I am not here talking about lack of sleep and Thomas, I have a full time job? Yup. It’s also why there have been fewer posts lately. It has been a busy season since I returned from maternity leave. We embarked on our first set of “beta” products. This was code for “make something in 2 months”. It has been a wild ride. We also set about doing our first mobile friendly resources including some fancy schmancy HTML5 work.

I see you start to glaze over with my nerd speak. It’s ok. I get it. But while I am all SQL this and JBoss that, my final product is quite easy to explain. Ya see, I make software for teachers and students.  I work on a product called SAS Curriculum Pathways. I have been working on it for 8 years. I love it. It helps teachers with providing standards-based curriculum resources for their classes.

Want to teach students about correct punctuation? We have a resource for that.

Want your Spanish students to learn to write a letter? We have a resource for that.

Want to learn more about Alexander the Great? We have a resource for that.

Want to illustrate the difference between kinetic and potential energy? We have a resource for that.

Want to graph translations? We have a resource for that.

Oh and to up our game, we just finished our first ever full course in Algebra 1.

Yup. We have over 1100 resources waiting for teachers to use. And ya wanna know the best part? IT’S FREE!!! Really. Promise.

Hop on over to Liberating Working Moms today to see some more resource examples and descriptions about our product.

P.S. We are trying to reach our goal of 100,000 teachers signed up by the end of the year. Wanna help us out? Please pass along to your teacher friends. You’re the best 😉


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