Mother’s Day For the Already Spoiled Mom

A_park_with_splinters_is_the_best_kind.How was my Mother’s Day? It was perfection. I stayed in bed until 8am. This is the first year he has gotten into it. When the first box came from Think Geek, he and Kevin scurried upstairs to open it. He has held those secrets for weeks. Then they went to Target last week and he was a bout to BUST with excitement that they got me something. I got a new Sally from Landon and while I know you are thinking he just wanted it, he has been adorable at asking to share it and then giving it back. She has come to work with me these past 2 days at his request for me to “show it to your mommy/daddy friends”. He asked every day if it was Mother’s Day yet. He drew me trains {of course}, made me a card with a flower garden of fingerprints {foot prints with fingers, he said} and even a portrait of himself {that I am highly considering getting a tattoo of}. He was so proud of everything in the bag. He can be the sweetest thing ever sometimes and all the more reason to love this age.

BAThe rest of the day was spent by me doing what I wanted. At naptime, I headed out for pedicures with one of my best mama friends, Miss BA. We then took a snarky trip to HomeGoods and Pier 1 that rejuvenated my funny bone and reminded me how awesome mama friends are….even if I see her at work every week. Sometimes it is fun to just be immature girls looking at stupid art in a discount store.

Kevin and OliverBut the real hats off goes to K. 9.5 months into this gig has let us get a nice routine. A tag team approach, if you will. We ebb and flow throughout our time together balancing who gets the fussy one, who gets to play legos, who gets to wipe the butts and whose turn it is to blow the bubbles until they are light headed {really…how is that so taxing??}. Parenthood looks good on K and I, if I do say so myself. So while I know it was my day, he makes me the momma I am. I know I am balanced because of how he fathers. I preach about the importance of self care but it is another for your spouse to know that as well. And while so many moms spouted how their baby daddies treated them like royalty Sunday, I counted my blessings that I get that every day. Maybe now presents and sleeping in every day, but I get a “thank you” everyday. I get a reminder that I am more than just these kid’s mom…but a wife and a woman. So thank you, honey. You truly make me a Mannly Mama πŸ™‚


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