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One of the highlights of having 2 littles has been bathtime. For the first 6 months, the boys had seperate bedtime routines. They overlapped a little but never the same. Around 6 months, Ollie started sitting up really well and bathing him the sink was a huge pain. The little plastic baby tub was clunky and he clearly wasn’t happy reclined. He has always loved bathtime but it was obvious this was not what big boys do. I started him off in our old bumbo seat after seeing that Walgreen commercial with the twins. They are sitting in little booster seats with trays and I thought  GENIUS! So I put him in the seat and snapped on the tray to a) help keep him from falling forward reaching for toys and b) give him a surface to keep toys.

This also allowed for what I had been waiting for GROUP BATHTIME!!!! We can do bedtimes at the same time and save a few precious minutes. It levels the playing field…literally. Bath toys are safe for both and they can actually share. They sitting at the same level and can interact more than any other time. On top of that, both boys LOVE it and keep each other happy. They would sit in there for hours if we let them. Ollie NEVER fusses no matter how cranky he has been all evening. He squeals and kicks looking to his brother for an echo of pure joy. We can pour water over his face, splash him, whatever. He doesn’t care. Landon loves it just as much with nightly dinner-time questions of “Is it bath night?” When I say “yes” he always says “WOOO WHOOOO”. Remember that kid that screamed in the bath like he was on fire? Not anymore. He runs to take a bath with Ollie like it is his mission in life.

In the past week, I let Ollie sit in the tub without his seat and there is no going back. I tried to put him back in it one night and NO NO NO. He was trying to get out immediately so now we have 2 free boys in there. He will kick his feet so he can scoot forward in the water. Gotta get closer to brother. Now we just have to watch him closer because he will reach forward and face plant in the water but NEVER cry. We might take him out GASP! Anyway, I got a video of them playing the other night to show the fun they have. Brothers…it is super fun.


  1. We started bathing the two girls together about a month ago and it’s been so fun! They love playing together so much!

  2. My girls love splashing together, too. We have a bath seat from my older daughter that hooks on the side of the tub, but she’ been sitting so well maybe we’ll ditch it. (No fun to shower around the seat). My husband handles baths and it’s some of the funnest times my girls have.

  3. Adorable! We don’t have a bath tub in our house, so bath times are still separate. I have noticed Alec is such a water-loving kid though. You can pour it over his face or when he splashes himself, there are NO TEARS, unlike our daughter. We’re still working on that one.

  4. So fun!! M is angry at bath time these days because all she wants to do is stand up and all we want her to do is sit down so she doesn’t bust her face on the tub. Battle bath time!! This gives me hope that it will get better. 🙂

  5. Awesome! Every time I use the plastic tub and bathe the guys seperately I think how much fun we’ll have when they can be in the bathtub together. Also, how much time it will save!

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