Our big toddler

Today was Landon’s first full day in toddler class. He has been transitioning all week by staying there longer and longer. Today I dropped him off in his new class. He leapt from my arms and was off across the classroom(yeah I forgot to make him wash his hands). He was so excited to see his new toys and friends. We definitely will miss Miss Brackett. She was fantastic and couldn’t have asked for better care. She is the sweetest thing ever and loves her babies. Of course we will see her around…no doubt.

So his new room is full of new exciting things. First off, no cribs. He has been working on sleeping on a mat for about 3 weeks now and loves it. Seems to sleep better and everything. Now he has a set naptime when everyone goes down and he seems to be sleeping 2 hours both times in the toddler room this week. It must be working for him. There are new centers including art, dramatic play, a sensory table, a reading corner, AND A SLIDE. This child is in heaven. They go outside at least 3 times a day and he LOVES that. THey have little toy lawnmowers and he just high tails it around the sidewalk apparently with his new friends. He even got a skinned nose today to prove it :). This would be the second incident report this week for falls :). Silly boy. He has his own cubby with his picture on the front and a hook for his coat. He also has to have rainboots to play in the puddles after a rain. HOW FREAKIN CUTE IS THAT!!!!???

Another thing they do in toddlers, is teach them more independence. Including washing their hands by themselves, putting their dishes away, putting their toys away and even help clean the room. After lunch, they get a wet paper towel to “wash” the table. We are happy they are training our little house elf!

Well I am sure there are man adventures to come…and I will pass them along!

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