My Found Mirena

Warning: The images you are about to see are graphic and fucking awesome. Buckle up, Imma show you my innards.

So where were we? Oh yes, hobo IUD was squatting in my peritoneal cavity (stole that lingo from my chart, yo). This is the follow up to the surgery to evict him.

First thing, 1:30pm surgeries are BULLSHIT. I couldn’t eat or drink from midnight the night before. 6am surgery would have been nothing. Fuck, 11am would have been welcome but 1:30 was brutal. I hada killer headache and I was bitchy as hell. Also? NO ONE SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO EAT IN THE WAITING ROOM FOR PREOP!!!!! Anyways, because I’m a BAMF, I went to work in the morning. Then I could nurse Oliver right before we left for the hospital and we had built in childcare in the daycares. I had to go to big WakeMed in the case they would need some imagining equipment if they couldn’t find it right off the bat. I had a great experience with the staff there in Day Surgery. I was processed quickly and taken care of. The nurses and techs were good about listening to me and got me in to talk to the anesthesiologist about meds and breastfeeding. Luckily he also had an 8 month old at home and had a great bedside manner. They gave me some tylenol and Celebrex before we started to preemptively help with inflammation. The drug doc also said they would mix me a nice cocktail to combat nausea after. While he was talking to me, he got a call that my Dr. was running 45 minutes late. OH THE RAGE. But really when she got there, it was only like 1:45 so I’m not sure who was giving them that time.

I was rolled back to the ER and then I don’t remember much at all. I crawled to the table and was out. Gotta say, for being a mom of an infant, a medically induced nap ain’t such a bad thing :). I awoke a little before 3:30 in recovery. I had been there for a bit, so piecing it together, I think it was not even 30 min procedure. They only had to cut 2 holes. One in my belly button and one at my right hip. Both sealed with Dermabond and no stitches. Pretty tiny. The belly button on just looks like another fold in there. You would never know.

I honestly didn’t have much pain. I just felt weird. Like right after giving birth and your middle parts are all settling. Same thing except obviously my abs are better. The inscisions were slightly tender but nothing to really complain about. The most “pain” I have had was where I overcompensated with my body laying or sitting on one side. I stayed on Motrin around the clock like I was told. I have no idea if that was making a huge difference or not. I honestly used the hydracodone to just knock myself out at night. I knew I didn’t want to be waking up listening to Ollie and not being about to do anything, so DRUG SLEEP. I would nerves rate my pain level over a 3. Win. By Saturday, I was off meds completely.

But as the actual surgery was pretty boring, the awesome pictures were not. With that, it’s time for Mannlymama’s guide to your female reproductive organs IN TECHNICOLOR!!

First up, let’s get a little basic anatomy out of the way. The camera was in my belly button…for reference.

migrated IUD

DID YOU KNOW OVARIES ARE WHITE?! I didn’t either. Crazy. Like eggs in there. Neat. Another fun fact, the tendons/veins you see there holding the ute in place actually are spiraled in architecture. That is so they expand and contract when a giant baby is in the little cute ball. THE HUMAN BODY IS AWESOME.

Next we have the hobo’s whereabouts.

migrated IUDHe was hanging out with some fat under my uterus. He wasn’t stuck in anything, just chillin. FTR, my bowel looks like an alien baby.

Then we have where this sucker started the trouble.

migrated IUD

It is completely healed up. Just a little spot. Nice!

So first off, you’re welcome. I know not many people get to see what innards look like. But seriously, it is kind of nice to get something good out of this. A friend pointed out, “well at least you get to see everything is healthy and nice in there!”. She’s right. I got to marvel in the wonder of the female body. That little pink ball held my babies! My big ole babies!

If you googled about your missing IUD and got here, I hope this helps make it a little easier. I know I got aggravated that everything was OMG and WORST CASE SCENARIO and no one practially talked about it. My only regret is I didn’t ask them to record it. I am totally serious. I think an underlying current of my blogging “style” is to make hard things easier. PPD, sleep regression, breastfeeding, etc. It isn’t all scare tactics and 20/20 specials.  Life is better than the shitty things that happen to us.


  1. Sweet pics, glad you’re hobo free now! I had the exact same comment after my appendectomy btw, wanted a video for show and tell 🙂 Also, they did the exact same cuts on me (plus one) sealed with dermabond instead of stitches for that and almost a year later the only one remotely noticeable is the one by my hip. Barely.

  2. OMG that ovary photo is freaking SWEET.

    (I have had to fast 5 times now for different tests for my gall bladder BS. The HIDA CCK scan I had to fast until 4 PM and then I was too effed up to even eat. I am so done done done with fasting!!)

  3. Oh wow. Those are the coolest pics! Everything is so clean and shinny inside. 🙂 Yay for an easy surgery and yay for the hobo just lying around waiting to be picked up.

    Oh and ps, couldn’t they have picked up a little bit of that fat he was sitting in? Ya know, since they were in there already? 😉

  4. That is so cool. I mean sucks for the IUD part…but wow…..the uterus looks so tiny from that angel. And the eggs are ACTUALLY white?! That’s so crazy. I mean..we’re like chickens, but mammals who don’t lay eggs. But we HAVE white eggs. Crazy crazy crazy.

  5. My IUD is possibly in cahoots. Found out yesterday mine is gone but I can’t get into imaging for two weeks!! Wtf?!?! Anyhow if I end up with surgery too maybe they can make it a two for one and get my boobs done… Haha

  6. Wild. So glad you’re all better.

    And thanks for the motivation to be better about checking my strings. 🙂

  7. Thanks SO much for sharing. My mirena may be equally peripatetic, but at this point, I have been told it is merely a “string issue” and that it is still in the proper place. Just no way for me to check anymore….Thanks again!!

  8. As a matter of fact, I did google about my missing IUD and ended up here. My story is a bit more “WTF” and “there is nothing else that can happen…Oh, my IUD is missing?….scratch that”. Nothing like sitting straight up in the stirrups to look your doctor in the eye and say “Where did it GO?”. Ultrasound is scheduled and I sure hope my IUD isn’t a hobo like yours. Thanks for sharing your story. It helped. And also educated. And also scared the shit outta me. Good thing I am also a BAMF or I would be in a ball crying somewhere. With a missing IUD.

  9. My mirena went missing today. I’m freaked and so lucky I’m not preggo. Thank you for posting this. I’m hoping it’s just gone away but still waiting to hear the final results of the imaging.

  10. hi, i am 31 years old with 4 children i got my mirena inserted about a year and a half ago. I admit i wasnt checking my strings as often as i should have but when i started getting burning pain in my side and lower back i went to my gyni, she couldnt find the mirena so sent me for a transvaginal ultrasound. mirena is now inside my uterus and its upside down. my dr said it is working and made it sound like it was ok to leave it there, im not so sure that sounds right, any thoughts would be appreciated!!

    • Um yeah I would go get a second opinion. It will not be protecting you outside the uterus. You should have it removed because it can migrate into organs and tissue and get worse. Yeah new dr. Jesus!

  11. Thank you for this great post!! i just found out today that my mirena is MIA… didn’t show up on an x-ray so having an ultrasound on monday. I’m, hoping it just fell out (but i would know if it fell out right???) but who knows, i could end up in surgery too. I have been googling all day and the majority of the posts freaked the sh** outta me so I was so happy to stumble across your post which explains your experience in an easy to understand way. I think i will actually sleep tonight without nightmares of my Mirena puncturing a hole in one of my organs or stressing about a horrible surgery. Thank you!!!

    • Hmmmm if the x ray is negative, I wouldn’t think an ultrasound is going to get you anything more. From the My Missing Mirena post, you can clearly see that sucker in the xray. Ultrasound is less than conclusive. I would say it fell out. I have heard of it happening…especially close to after birth. Good luck

  12. Thank you for sharing, had ultrasound and it is missing too. Midwife didn’t say much but now I will call and get an x ray.

  13. This is pretty awesome. My Mirena strings are missing and it still is yet to be further looked into so I feel inspired by your story that all will work out! Thanks so much for sharing and helping put my mind at ease!

  14. Those are the coolest freaking pictures! I too have a Mirena, but it’s still in place two years after insertion (and had better damn well stay there). I’m going to go check for my strings though *just in case* 😉

  15. This Blog SAVED me literally! I was experiencing pain for the past 4 days – 2 trips to the local ER, 2 separate types of ultrasounds and ALOT of narcotic painkillers later they informed me my Mirena was infact “gone”. Though I was reassured my IUD must have been expelled – my gut (AND my pain!) told me differently. Thank goodness for my boyfriend’s mom and her insistence on me returning to my OBGYN. When I finally got in today I was told there was NO way the IUD could still be in my body and the pain was probably just from my cervix dilating while it expelled itself. After a few choice words with the uncooperative nurse and my OB, we argued out an Xray from them. My Xray looked EXACTLY like yours and my removal surgery is tomorrow at noon. Had I not researched the possibility of my IUD navigating out of my uterus and into my abdomen and found this blog, seen your pictures and understood that it was infact POSSIBLE – who knows what would have happened! Thank you so much !

  16. As many others that have commented, my gyno couldn’t find my strings (this was 01/17/14). I had the original appointment to have it removed. My husband and I are ready to have a baby (was hoping this year). She referred me to have an ultrasound to locate the IUD. I could not get an appointment until middle of next month, and now I am a bit freaked out. I hope mine has not taken a trip out to explore any other part of my body! Thank you so much for posting about this.

  17. Thanks for posting! I found my way here after searching Google for “missing IUD” info.
    I don’t have a Mirena but mine also went MIA. I have the copper-tipped Paragard which was inserted almost 2 yrs ago. My doctor cut the strings way too short (I later heard she is notorious for doing this) and I had never been able to feel them. In fact, about a week after insertion I went back because I had been experiencing a lot of pain. She tried to check my strings, couldn’t find them herself, did an ultrasound and assured me everything was in place. The string just apparently traveled too high up in my cervix.

    Fast forward to a few months ago, I noticed persistent bloating and the feeling that something didn’t feel right. Late last week I went in for an ultrasound (after a well-check OB-GYN visit), and there was no sign of my Paragard. So the next day I went in for Xrays which showed the li’l sucker hanging out in my pelvic area but not inside the uterus. My doctor said she’s still not sure about its exact location so tomorrow I’m going in for a CT scan. Evidently, THAT is supposed to give them accurate location so we can then determine the best way to remove it. I’m trying not to freak out too much about it and your lovely lady-parts images above really helped (no really, that looks beautiful…the human body is amazing! I had no idea ovaries look like that 🙂 ). Again, thanks for writing the blog post the way you did!!

  18. I too have a missing Mirena! Bloody Mirenas! Booked in for ultrasound next week. Loved your photos, and your blog – left me laughing. Nice to have an amusing take on an otherwise slightly scary situation…

  19. Wow! Thanks for posting! Your details are much appreciated. I’ve been having symptoms, heavy and frequent periods for 18 months (Mirena in place for 24 months). I talked to every dr that would listen for close to a year before I was able to get in for ultra sound / xray to find my Merena too is MIA. It was located in the pelvic area and in scheduled for surgery to get that sucker out of there! (been waiting 6 months). Sounds like there are many unknowns with the surgery, where it will be, how they will find it, but hopefully the outcome is good like yours. Thanks for the positive post!

  20. Oh damn!! I had a mirena put in just over 2years ago and thought it was the best thing ever, my once incredibly painful periods a thing of the past, until just over 8months ago they started to return. I went to a specialist and in the end after a whole bunch of scans, found out my mirena had flipped itself upside down, it was still in my uterus, and the strings could still be found. I had it removed immediately and they put a new one in… that was about 2 months ago now. It was quite painful having it removed and putting the new one in.

    But moving on from then I’ve been feeling a bit out of sorts the last week or so, my period is 12 days late and I am normally fairly regular, and I never would have expected my period to completely disappear this early into having the mirena again. I done to HPT both negative, but am still freaking out a wee bit (actually who am I kidding, a whole lot!!) So tonight I thought, maybe I should see if I can still find the threads, low and be hold…. nothing. Fuck. Wishing it wasn’t 8pm when I discovered this, I am anxious as hell and will be making an appointment with my dr first thing in the morning.

    Thank you for sharing your story.

  21. This is such a great string ( unfortunate term?? ). Yes, i too have a Mirena MIA. My doc had a right old dig around but found nothing. I have an ultrasound booked in 4 weeks, think I’m gonna call & ask for sooner as too long to wait. I know the bastad is in there somewhere & something tells me he’s goin for the world mirena hide & seek title. Your story really made me laugh in parts but of course is actually reassuring for the rest of us googling with one eye shut..thank you..x

  22. Thank you! Would you know, I also have a little hobo floating inside me – ultrasound can’t see the damn thing but an x-ray this morning showed it’s still floating around my pelvic area. So the next bit worried me, the “how do we get this out??” part. But after reading this (hubby found it for me), I feel a lot better equipped to deal with my doc’s imminent phone call. [peek at my cellphone…]
    You’re a darling, hope everything else goes really well for you x

  23. Thank you, thank you, thank you! This was a PLEASURE to read! The blog post leading to this point as well! I am getting my IUD removed and we don’t know where the strings are. I’m assuming it’s still in place because I am having my period like it’s still in there and I’m not pregnant.

    Your blog posts have been reassuring, educational, and entertaining! Consider myself a regular on your blog! I’m going to pin both posts, just so other can have an easier time finding this information.

    P.S. I’m pretty sure we’d be best friends if our paths ever cross! I’m also a mother, engineer, and (secret) badass…

  24. UGGGH!! Found your blog trying to find out more about the surgery I will be having to remove my Mirena. Thank you so much for your post, it has made me feel a lot better about what will happen. (and made me laugh, which was much needed:)There are some awful stories out there. Then, I read about the cost!!! WTF…I have BCBS and I know they’ll pay for some of it but yikes! I live in Wake Forest and am going to WakeMed North. So, my guess is that the cost will be similar. What insurance do you have? I think I’m more scared of the cost than the surgery.

  25. Just wanted to thank you for all of this. I went today for my internal ultrasound after they couldn’t find it.. We will see tomorrow what the doctors say, but you eased my mind a lot about it. <3 The pictures are awesome!

  26. I started noticing some discomfort in my “female area” about the same time I developed a rash all over my body. A few days later, I could feel my Mirena nearly out! I went to the Urgent care (after hours) and the doctor on call removed it. Said all looked fine. Rash kept getting worse. Went to my PCP. She didn’t thing the rash could be related to the expulsion of the Mirena, although it was in the process for about a week! She did lots of blood tests thinking I was having an allergic reaction to some food or environmental thing. All blood work came back negative. A few days later, I noticed a white discharge, again, had to go to another urgent care (after hours again) and she found a yeast infection. Put me on antibiotics and that is slowly clearing up the rash. I have a lot of back pain and I’m worried the Mirena could have perforated the uterus or something else. Doctor also said I have cysts on my cervix. I’m going in tomorrow for an ultrasound and my OBGYN will take a look inside, do all the wet preps, etc. I think I got an infection from the darn thing and it reacted by getting into my blood, spreading a rash all over . I never want another IUD after this!!!

  27. Hi! Like many of the others who have commented I just wanted to thank you so much for sharing your story. I got a Mirena put in after my second child (my husband and I are also still quite young and didn’t want to do anything more permanent quite yet.) Anyways, after only a couple days my strings went missing and I was having some odd shooting pain and it ended up I was in the same boat as you had been. I had it removed as well with laparoscopy and am totally fine now, but wanted to come back and find your blog. In the middle of figuring out what was wrong, before we knew anything conclusive, I was freaking out (rightfully so! Haha) and finding your blog totally changed my outlook on my situation. It was a gift to be able to put aside the fear and pity and look at everything with a fresh and humerous eye. I am truly grateful for your help. Take care and thanks again!! 🙂

  28. So today I went into the doctors to see what was going on with this horrible pain coming from women area. I have had the mirena for 41/2 years now and I just knew something wasn’t right. I though that maybe I was feeling this was because it was time to take it out. So I made an appt. While waiting in the waiting area I was really nervous. When I went in to get check she tells me that she cant find my stings. So she did a pelvic exam and still nothing. She tells me not to worry but by this time I’m already freaking out. I cant find anything out til tomorrow when I go to my ultra sound. Reading this post made me a little less stressed but I’m still worried. Thanks

  29. A year after your post, you are still making women feel better about this uncool situation. Thanks for your sense of humor and frankness. I had that first “I can’t find your IUD” appointment today and have an ultrasound appointment this week. I appreciate finding something NOT panic inducing to ease me through this unfortunate situation. Thanks!

  30. THANK YOU so, so, so much for telling us your tale! I am going into surgery tomorrow morning for the exact same issue. You make me feel more sane about the whole thing. I can’t wait to evict my hobo IUD! 🙂

  31. This really helps me and you rock, fucking hillarious. My next step would be an xray to locate and then I assume surgery. The possibility of having a hysterectomy scares me only because of taking off work (I dont need the extra plumbing of my inners cause I'm not using them anyway)

  32. Thank you so much for both the finding out it’s missing to the surgery I’m booked in for an ultrasound soon to find mine, so glad I’ve seen this kinda put me at ease about the whole thing thank you x

  33. So happy that you have your blog up still. A little over a month ago my dr put in Skyla for me. Two weeks later, I got my period, and let me tell you it was a rough one. Heavy bleeding, really bad cramps and all. I went to see my dr last week and he sent me to get a sonogram. The place I went to did a sono and a vaginal sono too. The dr at place I went to said that it was either in my belly or it fell out. Not what I wanted to hear. So my regular dr said I will have to get an xray. Kind of worried, but I am hoping for the best. Your blog really helped me and answered a lot of questions.

  34. Wow. I can't tell you how much better this has me feeling. I have surgery scheduled for 2 days from now. I'm totally going to ask them for pics/video! LOL A little nervous about damage to my uterus. Guess we'll find out! Mine was only inserted just over 2 months ago, so at least it hasn't been longer. Thank you again!

  35. Loved your post! I just got out of the docs and was told they can’t find mine either. Kind of freaking out. Waiting for ultrasound. I love your humour! I’ve had mine for 4 1/2 years and no problems until now… Hate this!

  36. this makes me feel so much better i have an ultrasound Monday to locate my IUD and iv been freaking out about not being able to have kids after and etc… but im hoping everything goes well for me

  37. I have a sonogram appointment scheduled for Friday, mine is missing too.
    I like your writing style, you don't sugar coat or try to sound like something that
    you're not, you're real.
    You've made me feel a bit better,
    i'm still fucking scared- but i'm hoping that my iud is sitting up where yours was
    not wrapped around a bunch of important stuff.
    Just breathe :((

  38. Brandy-
    Thanks so much for writing your experience. I went to the doctor yesterday to get my IUD removed. Long story short a routine appointment had me at the hospital getting x-rays to locate my IUD. I have been having stomach aches for about 2 weeks which now makes sense since there is something in my stomach that doesn't belong.
    My question for you is, did Mirena ever reach out to you? I've been doing a lot of research and don't want to seek legal counsel, but almost every website I'm at redirects me to a lawyer.
    I have done everything to the book with regular appointment, ect. to make sure this wouldn't happen to me. I am learning hourly that this is a common thing that happens and that we should have been informed… I was under the impression by my doctors and research that this "Is great" "its easy" "take it out after 3 to 5 years and have another kid" This is not the case anymore. I pray that my surgery goes as well as yours and will be able to look back at this experience and think that was nothing, I'm glad I'm okay.
    Again, I am so happy you posted this and that you help so many women including myself.
    God Bless you!

    • Your doctor should have made you aware of the risks before hand about it. This is in the handout for Mirena. The chances are 1 in 1000 (if i remember correctly). For a large number of women, it is easy and great. I know plenty of them. It is a medical risk we took. That’s all I have ever seen and never saw a reason to persue legal action. I knew what i signed up for.

      Good luck!

  39. …Just wanted to comment once more-now September 4th 2014 and my Mirena is still in stealth mode. My original comment on your brilliant item was in March..welcome to the NHS ( National Health Service ) here in the U.K ! There will be developments today however as I am going to hospital for a hyesteroscopy during which the surgeon is confident he will remove the – wait for it- EMBEDED Mirena. Aaaaaggh! Anyway, he us being very cool about the entire thing and I am trying to be the same. However due to me having the feeling the offending article is going for the world record Mirena hide & seek title I am not so sure. I will tell him to dispense with anything which is of no longer use to me ( 3 sons, me 47 years old). So there we are, hopefully after today i will be liberated from IUD occupation. I will post what i hope will be the end of the sorry tale. Keep your fingers crossed for me…

  40. I had an IUD for 5 years and never had one problem. I got it replaced this past December by a different OBGYN. I too have a tilted uterus which didn’t cause a problem the first time. I started having random bleeding and went to see my GP who sent me for an ultrasound to check the placement of the IUD. Long story short I have had two ultrasounds and a CT scan and they can’t find it. They see a “shadow” but they feel it is part of my body. I also had the OBGYN dig around up there (can you say PAINFUL!) looking for it and I had a biopsy done looking for other issues that could possibly be causing my discomfort, all came back clear. I would be happy to assume the darn thing fell out however, I am still having some pain in my lower left abdomen. The bleeding and the pain all started after getting the IUD put in so I believe that is where all this stems from. The OBGY doesn’t know what it is so she shipped me off to the Gastroenterologist who said to me, “are you sure this isn’t gynecological? No, I am not sure it isn’t, infact I believe that it is! He did a colonoscopy and removed a polyp but said my colon is in great shape. He told me whatever this issues is, it is not gastro related, as I knew it wasn’t. I believe the IUD is lost and embedded or something. I have an appointment in two weeks with the OBGYN who put in my first IUD in hopes that she can help me get to the bottom of this. I never should have changed OBGYN’s and the only reason I did is because the one I really like and trust takes MONTHS to get in to see. I have learned a lesson here, good Dr.’s are worth the wait! Thank you for sharing your story. I like your writing style!

  41. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

    I have been stressing for two weeks about the fact they are going to have to surgically remove my mirena in 5 days. After numerous hospital and doctor visits and hours of googling to see exactly what it is they are going to do, I can’t across this.

    You have put my mind at ease so much. Everyone else commenting on here too has helped. It’s good to know I’m not alone in the world with this problem.

    I’ve rarely been stressed in my life and don’t have any anxiety issues, but I think I was about to have a mental and emotional breakdown before I read your story. Again, thank you so much for showing a reality and not this intense overdramatised scenario in my head!!!!!

  42. Ok, I don’t know if I feel better or not. Saw the PA today at my new gyno. Had the IUD placed a year ago with a different doc. She tells me my strings are not there. She even went fishing for them. I have to go have a transvaginal ultrasound. Within the last month, I have had to have ultrasounds on my thyroid, thyroid biopsies, and now waiting to see if I need thyroid surgery. You think they can do a 2 for one? If my IUD is floating around, can they knock me out once? Take the thyroid too? I already had one ovary and tube removed. Maybe it escaped where the missing tube was. I really don’t want to go back on the pill. I am only using the IUD for endometriosis.

  43. My story is exactly like yours. I went to get my x-ray on Sunday and this Monday i got a phone call from the nurse saying my IUD is inside my belly. Feeling so scared now

  44. Thank you for posting this! Having surgery in a few hours, same as yours. Was feeling very nervous, so I read your blog a few times to put myself at ease. Funny thing is: I am an APRN and put these in other women! Not sure if I can still recommend this form of birth control anymore. Should have just went with the Nexplanon that I can see and feel and never need general surgery to have removed, but too late now. I’ll post a follow up on how it goes on here for you all!

    • It wasn’t bad at all!!! I stressed over it more than I should have. Things went smoothly, anesthesia worked, barely any pain. Some shoulder soreness from the procedure. My IUD was embedded in my omentum and well above my belly button… so these things sure do move. 2 hours for my surgery, but feeling fine! Thank you for posting this blog post, as everything in it and everyone’s comments really helped ease my anxiety.

    • I just wanted to say thank you. I am due for an ultra sound 12/5/14 @ 3pm. I noticed 3 months ago that it was in place…suddenly last month I had a normal period, and now again right now. When I had the first period I checked right after it and couldn’t find the strings. Uh, not ok because after 3 months of bleeding from implantation it was finally gone..very light spotting here and there but no period. Now suddenly I have it. I’m worried it’s no longer where it should be. I am nervous but I am trying to be more optimistic. Especially thanks to you. If I find myself in the same position as you I deem to call it my “hobo IUD” courtesy to you. I also want to tell you I shall now be following your blog and you’ve inspired me to finally get a move on making mine. It seems fun and extremely helpful. I’ll update you on the verdict when I know myself. Thank you for your honest, humorous, real, and witty informing blog.

  45. Thanks for taking us on your journey. I got to the Mirena via a different route. First one tried to escape via the Entry door. The latest attempt resulted in it missing altogether, according to my ultrasound an hour ago. So….I had hoped, like you, that it followed its predecessor during a really heavy period. I am wondering now if it has actually gone wandering. There’s no pain, but it seems you didn’t have any either. I think an X-ray is probably in order just to make sure. Cheers

  46. Thank you so so much for sharing this! I’m 18 and the mirena is the first form of birth control I’ve ever used. I’ve had it for about 9 months now and began to have heavy periods 2 months ago along with severe cramping while on my period and a mild, odd pain in my lower right abdomen whenever I lay down. I finally looked for the strings today after ignoring all of this because it scared me and the string is nowhere to be found. Every website or blog I’ve seen so far has said to expect the worst. They’ve said my uterine wall has probably been punctured and there’s a likely chance I will be infertile. I’ve been scared out of my mind all day and then I came across this post and it has given me some peace and hope. I have an appointment tomorrow with my gyno and now I might actually sleep! So thank you for sharing your story.

  47. Thank you for sharing. I'm going through the same thing, down to the tilted uterus… Hysteroscopy today to remove and suprise no iud in there! x-ray showed it's somewhere in my pelvis, so a lap for me too. I'm glad the procedure/recovery wasn't so bad. What annoys me is that they told me many times it was *still* in the uterus, and they were wrong. I'm very lucky I didn't get pregnant, etc too. Thanks again. This is a really helpful and informative post.

  48. Hi there,
    I’m off for an ultrasound scan tomorrow, for my Mirena which is also MIA. My doctor discovered that she couldn’t find it anywhere today, with my smear.
    Will update afterward!

    Ps: I also have a tilted uterus!!

  49. Thanks for the interesting read, it was like reading my diary! everything you mention has happened to me, only I can’t be sure if it was the Dr that perforated my ’tilted’ womb on insertion or if it happened a few weeks after as she changed her mind on the 2nd check as to if she had actually seen it on the initial check!!!?! Luckily no more babies and a ‘requested’ x-ray later confirmed it was in my abdominal cavity! Had it removed via keyhole surgery! Now to decide was the Dr negligent?? Hmmmm!!

  50. This is _so_cool_. I’m having an ultrasound on Monday to see if my IUD still is where it’s meant to be, as its strings have gone astray. The idea of perforation has sounded positively terrifying and very WORST CASE SCENARIO SUPER UNLIKELY DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT. Seeing this really helped settling my nerves about the whole thing, so thank you!

  51. Great Read. Informative & Funny…nay – HILARIOUS. My little dude straight up disappeared on me. Going in for my ultrasound on Thursday. This helps shine a light on what REALLY to expect. Thank you for your humor and honesty!

  52. Thanks for giving such a candid portrait – and it was really nice to see actual pictures, rather than the drawings most places online show!

  53. Thanks for sharing all of this. I have loved reading about your family. Are we crazy for wanting to have another kid with these awesome goofballs we have to love and to hold? Mine are 19 months apart and a tiny bit younger than yours…experiences are crazily similar. Today I go for my pelvic ultrasound to look for the missing piece…sucks that its missing. I am SO bad at taking pills and love the Mirena plan. Anyways, thanks again for this all and keep it up! You are an awesome mom and writer! Blessings from Calgary

  54. Thank goodness I found this blog. Your humour has helped me out of a black hole. I have almost exactly the same X-ray as you and am currently waiting for the doctor to push me forward for surgery (in the UK, despite getting free healthcare, it takes ages!) Can I ask how long the cuts healed for you after the laparoscopy and how able you felt to do normal activities after? I'm so scared 🙁 I will never get an IUD again!

  55. I am soo happy I found your blog!!! I am going through the same thing the difference is I have had the mirena for almost a year and the last time I felt the strings was in January. I went in on June 3 to get it removed and they couldnt find the strings so they try to fish it out and nothing so they bring the ultrasound they go vaginal amd they find it so they scheduled me for a hysteroscopy and a week and a hysteroscopy later they couldnt find it!!! So now I am waiting for the xray appt to find it!!!

  56. Thank you so much for this post, I'm going throught the exact same thing and this is exactly what I was looking for, I'm 21 and I've never had surgery before so I was a little shaqke up until I found you!

  57. I went to get mine out today (after a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad 2 years) when they couldn't find the strings. Gotta get my ultrasound to find out where to go from here. Glad I found your post!

  58. This is a great blog post. Mine is sitting in my abdomen outside my uterus and is scheduled to be removed Friday. People should file a MDR report to FDA so they can properly track the incidence of this and potentially update the consent forms for rate of occurrence and predisposing factors (breastfeeding, etc). Thank you!!

  59. Thank you first off ! I have had mirena 5 years, went to get mine replaced and found out it has vacated, or went awol. New one placed today woth horrible pain during, not so much now. I am going thursday for an x-ray to check on the whereabouts of the first. Wish me luck! The worst part really? Now knowing my husband and i had been playing russian roulette with becoming pregnant forhow long????

  60. I am so grateful to you for posting your story. I had an IUD put in a month ago and have been having sharp pains (I just assumed my body was a big old panzy) but when they couldn’t find the strings, I had ultra sound done, and when they realized it wasn’t in there, they had a CT scan and found it. I have to go in next week to consult a Dr for the removal surgery. And like most women, I’m jumping to worst case scenarios. This helped though

  61. I have had mine in for 9 years, they are supposed to be good for 10, a year ago I started having periods, getting sick more often, gaining weight, abdominal pain, emotional wreck. I have had ultra sounds, x-rays and exploratory surgeries. . They can’t find it, I have no idea what to do next, a few months ago I started having rectal bleeding, I didn’t want to tell anyone ” even my husband” because I was embarrassed, today I had my worst episode yet and I can’t get in to the doctor until November 5th. If anyone has experienced anything like this I would greatly appreciate any insight.

  62. It was very reassuring to hear about your surgery. I just found out yesterday in a routine checkup at the three month mark after insertion that my Mirena is hanging out with my intestines. I am waiting on dates for removal surgery and now every little twinge in my belly is freaking me out. I keep thinking back to the pains I had when it was put in which weren’t too bad (nothing worse than the expected discomfort) but definitely stronger than after the insertion of my first Mirena just after the birth of my second child. What were you told before the surgery? Can I continue to exercise in the meantime? How often do they find the IUD tangled up in organs and how often is it just floating around on its own? My digestion has been all wacko since the birth and I’ve just been chalking it up to ‘hormones’ after birth – did you have any digestive symptoms or stomach pains? And finally what about the recovery?
    Thanks again for your post – loved your approach…

    • So sorry you are going through this. As for your questions, I had surgery pretty soon after finding out so no quote on exercise but then again i don’t see it being any different than when you didn’t know. No idea on stats on where it is. I assume it depends on how long it’s been in there. Mine wasn’t hardly a month so it was just chillin. I didn’t have digestion stuff because it was just in my abdominal cavity. Shouldn’t really affect anything. Recovery was fine. Few days at home and maybe 1 days of some motrin. Easy peasy laproscopic surgery.

  63. Thanks, couldn’t find much else on missing iud that were informative. My strings are missing, had it for nearly 5 yrs but at least not pregnant. Left docs and waiting for a u/s appointment but in UK could take weeks. I will try to add humor into my worries 🙂

  64. Ha! Great post. Saw my doc yesterday, supposedly to have my Mirena removed (I am just post menopause, it was placed to stop hideous bleeding). Guess what? I must have sibiling Hobo IUD. Next stop, ultrasound. Great info here, but it also made me giggle. I will remember that if it's migrated!

  65. I went today to get my strings checked and they're not there. I am a nervous wreck bcuz I have to wait for an ultrasound. I've only had the mirena in for 3 months and 2 days but something told me to get checked. Coming across this blog really is preparing me for what might happen. Thank u so much for the information.

  66. Today I went in for an xray, which I will find out the results of on Wed. I am hoping for a quick surgery- I ain't go not time for this! I know this dang IUD isn't in my uterus (I got to see the inside of that last Thurs), and I am hoping and praying that it is at least nearby. I have had no pain or any other indication as to where it may be, but it was definitely in utero in Oct, so hopefully it hasn't travelled far. Thanks for easing my worry a bit!

  67. I’ve been looking for any type of awareness on this topic for months. I just came across this one site not even dedicated to it and I have to applaud you for being brave enough to explain all of it.

    My story is similar, except I was in pain for years. At first, No strings were found and it didn’t show up on an ultra sound. So, after being told it was expelled and I most likely flushed it down a toilet by an OBGYN. My Reg doctor missed diagnosed my pain and caused me so many more issues. My husband even went through a vasectomy because I didn’t want to get another IUD.

    Switching doctors yet again, She finally listened to me and asked the right questions like, and FINALLY someone ordered an Xray. My xray showed the IUD upside down and low behind my bowls. RIGHT where my pain has been!!!

    Fast forward to SURGERY:
    They made a mistake, it happens. A large vein near my spine was cut in the process of removing the IUD. This made my 1 day easy removal and recovery turn into almost a week in the hospital and 3 more weeks in bed at home. 2 months off from work…… A 7 inch scar north to south on my abdomen is all Im left with. I survived, but spent years in pain and now forever affected by the IUD.

    I do tell women NOT to get it or to have theirs removed. If they take my advice (and some have) they may or may not have had this happen to them. However, I sleep better at night knowing that they will never experience living through my personal nightmare.

  68. Thank you so much for this blog!!! My uterus is tipped too (also heard that many times). I have had mine for a few years. It wasn’t homeless back in June when I had my appendix out but now–who knows where the thing has wondered off to?? Anyway, mine was placed in an effort to deal with symptoms caused by fibroids. Went yesterday for an ultrasound to determine my next step in that issue. That is when we found out I also have a Hobo IUD. I also went in for an after hours very quick x-ray and am waiting to hear. My mind wonders. I have all sorts of things running through my head. Your blog and it’s humor has put me at ease a bit. And all the comments make me feel less alone..And the “life is better than the shitty things that happen to us” quote….well, It’s going on my fridge…and my board at work…and perhaps my dashboard…THANK YOU!

  69. I found out that my Mirena was missing when I discovered that I was pregnant… I am 38 and my youngest will be 12 in April. I had to go in for an ultrasound to see if they could find the Mirena. I found out that I was 6 weeks 3 days along. My doctor wanted to do a pelvic xray. I asked what they could do if they found it? They’d do surgery but not until after the baby is born. So I decided to hold off on the xray until then too. I am 22 weeks along now. Still in shock but am happy that my baby is healthy. I am sure it’s in there somewhere. There is no way that could have come out without me knowing it.

    I enjoyed reading your story. Glad your surgery was a success.

  70. You are so awesome! My doctor just told me after a pelvic x-ray that my IUD is in my pelvic. I panicked and did some research and found your blog. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel relieved. Now I'm waiting for the surgeon to call me to schedule my laraposcopy.

  71. Thanks soooo much for posting this and easing the curiosity!! Mine was not in my uterus, and the x-ray didn’t show it was anywhere in my abdomen. So, apparently I passed it during the month long heavy clotting and bleeding, which is what prompted me to go to the doctor to have it checked out.

  72. Echoing the thank you's below. Just got home from my x-ray to find that my little friend did indeed make a break for it and moved into my abdomen. Was nervous about the surgery, but this helps a lot.

  73. I LITERALLY injured my back this past Memorial Day and saw my back X-rays, which showed my misplaced hobo! I had them put the X-ray on a cd to show the obgyn and plan to see her next week! Thank you for this post! I have always feared this and have realized that’s it’s happening ! The sad this is that I have had the hobo since 2012 (18yrs old and didn’t even put the hobo to use until I was 21), so I’m am very nervous of the potential damage!

  74. My Mirena is also lost. I just found out recently when I went to have exploratory surgery. Like you they couldn't feel the strings and I have a "tipped cervix" or how you called it. I'm frustrated because I have other medical problems going on and this just adds more stress. I have an ultrasound on June 17 so hopefully we will find it and make plans to remove it. Its amazing to know that if your Lorena has been missing and you not know it that you didn't get pregnant? That would have been a BIG surprise! Like you I just want people to know to weigh your options if you're finished having kids period. Men have an option too.

  75. I've just been through the same and the coil was found in almost the same place as yours. I'm resting at home as I write this. Trust your bodies ladies, I followed my instincts and thankfully I've been sorted very quickly before any proper damage was done.

  76. Thank you! I stupidly googled missing IUD as I'm waiting a week for an ultrasound to find mine and most things I've read are terrifying! Your posts made me feel a bit better. Thanks for your honesty and humor!

  77. Thank you so much for this. The internet’s weirdly absent of any real info on this procedure – everything’s from people pushing lawsuits. This was incredibly helpful, and very well-written to boot.

  78. I *did* find your blog after googling “misplaced IUD”. Thank you so much!! I’m over here worried as F because they can’t find my IUD. Ultrasound tech thought she saw it externally, but then didn’t internally. So…now I wait for the Dr. to call me to send me for more testing. I am kind of hanging on to the glimmer of hope that it just fell out without me noticing. But, not likely, eh? (yes, I’m Canadian)

    How long does it take to recover from the small holes? I love how you managed to get the images of your innards! I would love to get my hands on mine!

  79. Hey Brandy!
    Thanks for sharing your story, it put me at ease. I went to get an x ray to find mine today and it found its way out of my uterus.. I was wondering how long it took you to recover from surgery? I am going on a trip and hopefully I can get it removed with enough time for me to heal!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Couple of days. It wasn’t bad at all. They didn’t have to move around in there too much so it was quick. Just bloated for a day or so. I went on a trip within 2 weeks no problem. Good luck!

  80. Hello! This blog was written almost 4 years ago, but it is still so applicable. I have been searching the internet for some sort of support group or more information from ladies who have had something similar and I was lead to this blog. I have surgery tomorrow to remove my rogue IUD and I am afraid of the procedure because only had surgery once. Your blog gives me some hope for a great outcome. What I can’t find any information about is women who have given birth after their IUDs have migrated out of their uterus. I see that you haven’t had any more children, but have you heard from ladies who gave birth after the bugger fled the uterus? I so badly want an out of hospital birth but I am not sure if that is a viable option in the future. Any leads would be amazing!

    • I did it. My IUD perforated my uterus, probably upon insertion back in 2007. I was scheduled to have this same surgery to remove it in 2008. But the scar tissue surrounding my IUD was so difficult to remove I had to be opened up. Then in 2015 I had a baby!

      • Becki! Congrats on your baby in 2015! I am sorry that your IUD had to be removed with a more invasive surgery. Were you able to have a vaginal birth, or did they require you to have a c-section?

  81. Thank you. Your factual and personal recount and worse case scenario have helped me a lot. Appreciation esp for surgery info. Rob

  82. Thanks for these posts! I just had a hip X-ray for something else and saw my IUD (also a Mirena) is completely horizontal. I can still feel my strings though… I have an appointment with my OBGYN next week to check everything out.

    My first Mirena shifted and was stabbing my cervix from the inside, and the vaginal ultrasound was like you described… Took forever for them to find my uterus. My mother has a tilted uterus, so I think I may, too. This is my replacement IUD, and it’s been great for over 4 years now. I’m anxious to figure out why it’s horizontal… Is my uterus THAT off center? Has it shifted that badly, and if so is it even effective any more? So stressful.

  83. This was an awesome read. I just left a cute care. Mine is missing…..ugh. Ultrasound tomorrow morning. Hoping for the best. Thank you for posting the details and those pics are amazing!!!

  84. Hi all! I wish you can see my comment. I have the same experience about the stupid IUD. I just had a procedure to place Mirena into uterus on Apr 3. I can feel some pain on the right side of abdomen on the first fews days. I tried to call my doctor, his assistant told me it’s common to feel uncomfortable on the first few days. And I found when I was laying on the bed, the pain will reduce or disappear, but if I had activity for over 2-3hours, I would get more pain. I thought it would get better after having rest for a week, but there’s not a big change.

    According to this situation, I can’t wait to see my doctor and ask him to remove the mirena on Apr 11. My doctor can’t find the string through my vagina. And he can’t find mirena in my uterus through ultrasound. He offered me to have CT. The result showed that mirena was found in the left side of my pelvic. I had to have a surgery to remove this IUD.

    The IUD was taking out of my body through laparoscopic surgery on Apr 13. My doctor told me there’re about 200 cases which were similar what happen to me in the world. But I thought there might be more women have the same experience. Until now, I have a question if there is chance that mirena can migrate to the other parts of human body, why the producer didn’t tell us there’s possible to lead this result?

    The last, if you want to have an IUD, please consider what might happen.

    • You ARE told that this is a possibility, it’s right in the Mirena booklet (I still have mine and just checked). I definitely think health care providers should go over the potential complications more thoroughly, though.

      Follow up to my above comment: My IUD looked just like this pics here, and I went to my OBGYN… My Mirena didn’t migrate! My uterus is completely sideward, which is a less common variation of a tilted uterus. I’m really glad I didn’t need surgery, and I’m glad this post is here to help people.

    • Yes you SHOULD have been told this was a possibility. It was a 1 in 1000 stat when I got mine. I accepted that risk. FTR, my doctor is still putting them in and I am still the only one!

      • I’ve been told this birth control method is very safe, no pain, loved by many people. It’s 8days after the surgery, I’m still laying in bed to have rest.

        I have a trip on Apr 24. It’ll take me 15hours on the airplane. Though my doctor told me it’s ok to take a flight after one week. But I still have some pains around incision. I have no idea if it’s totally ok to do so. I wish the pain will relief by the day after tomorrow.

        Thank you for writing this page! It helps me a lot. I hope you everything goes well!

  85. Just got out of the doctors office, where she could not find IUD strings. So, naturally to the internet I go! Your article has helped me feel better, so thank you. Waiting to hear from the hospital for ultrasound appt time. My biggest fear is that I was having severe pain in my lower right side, which I hope isn’t related.

  86. Thank you. I could hug you right now. OMG you have no ideaaaaa. My anxiety has dropped 90%, given I hate the idea of surgery. Thank you again for sharing!!! #MannlyMamaKeepinItReal

  87. A follow-up to my previous comment! It’s just a few comments above, but to review, I saw my Mirena was completely horizontal from a hip x-ray, but could still feel my strings.

    Went to the OBGYN and it turns out that’s just how my uterus is oriented. It’s super tilted to the point of being horizontal. They said everything is in place and effective. I’m so glad I saw this post and went to get everything checked out, and even more glad that my Mirena hasn’t decided to go wandering off.

  88. I am so glad I found this blog. It is nice to find someone who has gone through what I am currently experiencing.
    I went into the ER yesterday after 24 hours of severe stomach pain. After all the test came back normal, they sent me in for a CT scan. Turns out my MIA mirena has been hiding out in my abdomen jabbing at my lower intestines. Apparently it moved enough to cause the sudden onset of pain.
    I had it put in 7 years ago and when my now 5 year old was conceived they told me I must have expelled it without noticing because it was gone. This cold case was solved last night and now I am waiting for a call back from my OB and then I guess surgery ASAP before it causes infection. I will be happy to be completely rid of it after this.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

  89. My doctor told me today mine isn’t there! So next step ultrasound, thanks for sharing it helps my anxiety right now?!

  90. I just came by because my teenage daughter is in the middle of this same adventure. She got a Mirena, checked a couple days later, strings were there, and then at the two-week mark she had horrible cramping, went to the gyn, and poof, no strings. We just got back from the ultrasound, and it sure looked to me like the IUD was where it was supposed to be, but the tech didn’t say much, so I’m just doing research while waiting for the doctor’s office to call. I love the way you write and I loved looking at your internal organs (that sounds very creepy).

  91. Got the results: The Mirena is perfectly in place, and as I had guessed from the ultrasound, she also has a cyst on her right ovary. We learned it’s of the “hemorrhagic” variety, which explains the pain. No need to do anything now; she has to return for a followup u/s to monitor it.

  92. This happened up me last year. I was having problems while having sex and one day my lower abdomen hurt like hell, I got nauseous, light headed, and I couldn’t move for almost half an hour. So we went to the ER and found out my mirena had dislodged itself and got stuck in my uterine wall. Couldn’t get surgery for two weeks after finding out, and by then it was making its way out of my uterus, but the arm was still suck in the wall. Also, from your other blog post, I too, have a tilted uterus.. And did become pregnant because it had dislodged, however I miscarried the next day after finding out I was pregnant, (they weren’t sure if it was ectopic or not, was too early in the pregnancy to find out). It was a long and emotional month.

  93. Thanks for this. I’m waiting to find mine! I suspect it’s come out without me noticing as I seem to have my periods back.
    Anyway what have you done about contraception since? I don’t want more babies but am useless at remembering pills. Tried the arm implant and it was super uncomfortable… Husband not keen on the snip? Hate condoms…. Hmm…

  94. Thank you for this post! I just went to get mine changed after 5 years and they can’t get it out. Sent me for the vaginal US, it’s all in there in the right place, just the strings are out of reach. I have to have hysteroscopy to get it removed and was wondering what it’d be like. They gave me a pamphlet but it was all very clinical. They said they can put my new one in at the same time so at least I won’t have any pain for that.

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