I wanted to post today but I have nothing. I have like 10 things in drafts from toddler beds to sex but I just can’t post them today. I am struggling. I don’t know the last time I sobbed openly…but I did this morning and I feel just awful. I don’t want to rehash the past 12 hours of emotion I have felt and am currently still feeling. To put it kindly, I am spent. I am angry, sad, disappointed, depressed and trying so hard to not lash out at anyone. Yes, this is why my door is closed today, coworkers. I want to scream and I want to crawl in a hole. I want to say that I won’t be on twitter or facebook for a bit. I just can’t handle it. If you need me, you know how to find me.

But instead of just being super depressing for everyone ::jazz hands::, I want to share my friend Laura’s post today with a letter to her twins about today. She was right. It made me feel better…even if that involved more tears and nose blowing. People like her moved here and are going to help make progress. North Carolina isn’t a land of all hate and she is a beacon to prove that . I love you, Laura. (BTW she also took that amaze balls photo of me to the left there…I heart it).

Dear Nate and Alex,

Yesterday we had a very disappointing day in North Carolina. When your dad and I had “We Voted!” stickers last week, we talked with you about the upcoming vote. When we told you people were voting to make it even more illegal (because it is already illegal) for boys to marry boys and girls to marry girls, your sweet beautiful almost 6 year old minds were shocked and upset.

I refuse to say anything hateful or negative about the outcome. We are a family who believes in love. We are a family that believes that if you want a pink water bottle, you can have a pink water bottle. We believe you can wear jewelry, wear barrettes in your hair, and paint your nails fire engine red if that is what you want to do…. no matter what anyone says. We believe you are perfect just the way you are…[please keep reading].

Laura and Family