Potty Training: Take 2

Landon Big Boy UnderpantsPsssssst. Ya’ll…LT is ROCKING potty training. Last week we got the guts to finally send him to daycare in his big boy underpants. And? He KILLED IT. In the first week he did full days with no accidents, multiple car rides, a picnic (which meant a trip to the port a potty), a park outing and dinner out. He woke up with a dry diaper at nap one day and then has been having less and less at night already. It is crazy how fast this is going. But I had to give my props to daycare this week for Liberating Working Moms. Without their expertise, we wouldn’t be where we are:

And here was the grind with being working parents, we could only really focus on nights and weekends. So most days we got home from school and worked on asking if he needed to go constantly, going bottomless outside when we could and even breaking out pull ups most days. It was working most of the time but we quickly realized Pull Ups were the enemy. He never noticed the pee in them (cooling, color change, you name it) and it started to cause a rash. We gave them up and decided to just try big boy underpants one weekend. It was a moderate success. There were accidents but we could see he KNEW when he needed to go now. I think that is the really first step honestly. Until they know, there is no use. You are just fooling yourself. We kept up the big boy underpants in the evenings and when at home on the weekends to make sure we were right.

Then we handed him over to the professionals….[keep reading about Landon’s first week sans diaper].

Later this week, I will talk more mechanics of what we have done and what all has changed since Potty Training Take 1. This has been one of the hardest parenting things we have had to go through so far. We have learned so much and I want to share for everyone out there looking at underoos in fear.  Stay tuned.

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