More Oliver Pictures

Yeah so I have so many awesome photos from Laura, that I decided they warranted a video of them. Enjoy!

And a few of my faves in full frame:

Looking for a photography in Triangle Area? Laura Case is amazeballs.  You can see a ton of her work all over this blog…and my phone…and my harddrive…and my house…you get the picture :)


  1. WOW! What amazing pictures of the ones we love the most! Ray and I are so thankful and blessed. Being a grandparent is such a wonderful experience! The pics of LT holding Ollie make me cry big, happy tears. Kudos to Laura for proving that a good picture says if all.

  2. omg, the one where you & kevin are looking down at oliver, holy heart melt! landon looks so proud & full of big brother awesomeness. these pictures are amazing.

  3. Finally back on the internet and catching up on your blog … and this video totally made me cry. In a good way. I also adore the still shots, especially the one of the brothers w/Olliver’s power to the people fist. On to read your sleep/feeding posts … hope things are getting better. xo!

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