Toddler Dinners: Pizzeria

homemade pizzaEver since my food documentary marathon, I have been trying to find ways to teach Landon about food. Books, going to the grocery store, letting him help stir things. All little things to make him appreciate the kitchen and food. He really seems to enjoy it. He really seems to like grocery shopping with me and getting to pick out things. We try new things and even make up funny names {ground meat is worms…FTR}. He loves the free samples of course and gets a kick out of me saying “yes, we can” so much :).

Every night he drags his little stool over to “help” with dinner. Sometimes there isn’t much he can do but I try and include him. Like last night we had salad so I let him stir it and add some cheese. I let him squeeze the lemon on the pasta. I let him crack an egg {with guidance} for waffles. All trivial in the grand scheme but mean something to him.

A couple of weeks ago, through a series of sold out ingredients, I was running to find something to make pizzas at the last second. I grabbed a pack of whole wheat pita pockets for $1.99 at Food Lion and hoped for the best. BEST IDEA EVER. We all had individual pizzas. Perfect size. He loved putting things on his pizza. He chose everything you see on the right. Raw broccoli, green peppers and cheese. And the idea gets better because it is super simple to keep on hand!

So here is the game plan for you next mini pizzeria


Buy a pack of pita pockets.

Buy a can of pizza sauce or even leftover pasta sauce works.

Buy Toppings *Note: I go to our company salad bar and just make tiny piles of things people like. Onions, broccoli, peppers, mushrooms, feta, ham, etc. You could make a great “bar” of toppings for little change.



Layout  cookie sheet with pitas.

Spoon on sauce.

Sprinkle cheese.

Add toppings. Try not to let your tastes weigh in. You get your own!

Bake at 375 for 8-10 minutes. Just eyeball the cheese and toppings for doneness.

Cut and enjoy!

Have you tried pizza making with your little?


  1. I hear ha! I love it how my son wants to be so involved in the kitchen! I’m hoping he’ll become the next Anthony Bourdain, lol!

  2. We love making pizza! Naan bread also works very well. My 2 yo loves to help in the kitchen. Spreading sauce and sprinkling cheese are favorites for him. 🙂

  3. For some reason I was motivated to try to make my own pita bread yesterday (it’s good — but not worth the time really). I’ve got four pieces left. I think I’ve found my trio’s dinner for tonight. 🙂

  4. We do this, too! My son helps all the time in the kitchen. Like you said, even if it is as simple as stirring we make a big deal of it and tell him he is “cooking.” Then at dinner we rave about how well his dish turned out.

    For our pizzas we use whole wheat bagel thins or sandwhich thins. I buy the pasta sauce that has veggies blended into it and we top it with whatever the little guy is up for. Its a huge hit!

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