Newborn Tip of the Week #2 {Pumping}

Because breastmilk has magic voodoo in it, you can leave your pump parts in the fridge during the day with no worries of “going bad”.   Clean them once a day to save yourself valuable minutes.

For more pumping tips from the millions of exclusive pumpers out there, check out’s tips and tricks page. Kelly Mom is an excellent resource on all things breastfeeding and pumping related. Can’t recommend enough.


  1. Thank you for sharing this! When I came home with my first, she was a preemie and I had to pump around the clock until she learned to eat. The hospital scared me so much that I spent so much time washing pump parts, I missed out on rest/sleep time while she napped. By the time I figured this out, we were past the worst of it. Hopefully some other new moms can get some extra time from this tip.

  2. I was lucky to be the only momma pumping in the Mother’s Room at my office that I could do this without bothering anybody. It’s an awesome tip!!

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