The Girls

Ok so I have been blessed thus far in my life that I have been able to be thrifty with my athletic “lingerie”….that is about to change. I went out for my first run in almost a week today and the awesome Target sports bras that I adore are going to be of no use. It’s time for some reinforcements. I spent a better part of the run in woods (where no one else was) holding the “girls” down. Man was it painful. I know my mother is just laughing her head off now. 24 years of “you just wait” are catching up with me.

On a brighter note, the run was refreshing and I haven’t been too tired this afternoon. Anissa was back today so I got to tell someone! So we had lots to chat about on our run and the time passed quickly. I even realized we forgot to turn for the short route and just kept on going!

Well now I am on a quest to find a new sports bra….preferably something from the designer Duct Tape line…

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