It looks like a baby!

Yay! We had our NT scan yesterday and got to see the little bambino. For you who don’t know what that is, NT stands for nuchal translucency. Basically it is a no-risk test they can do this early to detect high risk for down syndrome and some other defects. The test is an ultrasound to measure the length on the back of the baby’s neck. You can kinda see it over there. It is a thin little membrane. If it is very thick, your risk increases. They also supplement with a finger prick for some followup at the lab. For more on NT scans, check out BabyCenter. Anyway, we didn’t see any of the doctors but rather an ultrasound tech. She was super sweet and let us look all around at the little munskin. She looked at the feet and the head (freaking alien eyes). He/she was even doing little flips in there! You can see the little fingers in this pic! She said the full results would be back in around 10 days but the measurements looked fine and in the normal range. The heartbeat was pumping strong at around 170bpm. That’s my thumper!

This was my “all systems go” for telling people and I really haven’t stopped. 2 girls at work already knew but that was it. I think I have told almost everyone now…with a few left to do tomorrow. I am leaving the Manns up to Kevin. I emailed Niral and Catherine today with the pics and have dinner with Chele tomorrow. I am keeping a running total of how many people I can make cry in 1 week. I think I have 5 now. I can’t wait for some of the Mann’s to know :).

Well since I am winding down the first trimester, my symptoms are wearing off a bit. No more nausea and NO MORE SORE BOOBS! YAY! I can finally sleep with no bra again. Now the only things I have are some lightheadedness that sometimes forms into a headache and slight heartburn in the evenings. Nothing really to worry over. I am not really “showing” yet. I can wear all my normal pants (not my super small ones) but they aren’t alway comfortable. One big thing is since my boobs are bigger, all my shirts are getting shorter! Anyway I am going to go look at Bella bands this weekend. I hear all kinds of rave reviews about it throughout pregnancy and even after. We shall see. I am enjoying wearing my fat jeans today actually!

Well here are more pics of the little tyke. I am super happy!

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