A Few More Techy Additions

So I thought of a few more “good to have” items. These aren’t cheap or easy but I have enjoyed them.

1. DVR – For many reasons, this is awesome. During maternity leave I would record lots of things to play in the background. Then we had to DVR all our shows at night because we spent them rocking or sleeping. We still use it because we are so backed up on stuff we haven’t watched yet.

2. XM/SIRIUS – When you have a sleeping baby in the car, the last thing you want is a loud ass commercial break from some car dealer. Also the dance/techno station keeps a steady beat always…even during the DJ talking. So it is like a nice clubbing lullaby.

3. E-reader – now I haven’t used this much recently but also on leave, you can nurse or have a sleeping baby on you and read….one handed. Click the button to turn the page…TA DA!

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