Dear Thumper: Week 23

Dear Thumper,

Hey little one! You have been quite active this week. You seem to already be on a schedule. I can tell like clockwork that about 10:30, you will start moving. Then when my alarm goes off, you start wigglin :). It is so cute! I am still shopping for your room. I am trying to find us an awesome chair. I know we will spend lots of time in it. Your grandmas bought you some presents. They will be here when you are ready. I learned something neat this week in my reading. Apparently since you can hear, you can get used to everyday noises…like Jack barking and other people’s voices! Neat! Hopefully Jack won’t scare the crap out of you…if so…Dad can get that diaper ;).

I have started some prenatal yoga. It is supposed to help you and me both. Some of my moves are supposed to help you move around and go back to sleep. I am trying to give you as much variety as I can in that sac full of goo. I played some more music for you this week but I didn’t get much of a reaction. Maybe you didn’t like the choice jams of the day.

Well, as always, I hope you are happy and we can’t wait to see you in just 17 weeks!


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