Landon’s Book of the Week – Curious George and the Bunny

Curious George and the bunny

Well followers, I missed my book review from last week due to vacation. Mom and Dad brought along the usuals, so I didn’t discover a new favorite I thought I would take you back to a few weeks ago to a favorite. Now this one starts off with this monkey…and apparently he is pretty curious. He stumbles upon some baby bunnies. I like George because he seems to like to get into things…like me! He decides he wants to hold a baby bunny. Then he wants to play hide and go seek, so he puts the bunny down. What a doofus! The bunny runs away! He gets all sad and worried. Then he decides to get the mommy bunny to help him find the baby. And she does. Happily ever after…blah blah. Anyway, my favorite part is at the end when we get to tell the bunnies goodnight. That means I get to snuggle with mommy and go to sleep. Anyway, this book held my attention well and was a good story. I give it 2.5 out of 5 cheerios.

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