Second_day_hair_upgrade.I feel like I HAVE to post today. To say something thought provoking about turning the big 3-0. But honestly, I got nothing. Life is pretty hectic at the moment with 2 growing boys, busy work, constant germs annihilating our house. I’m not gloomy about my birthday, I am just tired.

But I am happy. I have 2 awesome boys. A panty-dropping piece of man candy. Amazing friends that I am in awe of daily. A kick ass job and coworkers to go with it. And a family that supports me in everything. 30 looks pretty freakin good. But enough with the “oh look at me, I’m awesome” junk. I thought I would use today to build on a concept my homegirl Laura introduced me to..

The Anti Bucket List

We all know bucket lists. I am not one for them because I am not a lofty goal maker. Call me lazy or whatever. But when Laura mentioned the anti-bucket list, I was all over it. So here are a few things I have no intention of ever doing:

  • Own a cat
  • Do a triathlon.
  • Watch A Christmas Story
  • Drink kombucha
  • Ride a motorcycle
  • Send an e-gift on Facebook
  • Cut my own hair
  • Be on a reality show. {do trivia shows count? Jeopardy would be neat}
  • Pet/meet/see a sloth
  • Make my own bread
  • Eat a living creature…knowingly. {Not riding a motorcycle will help with this, I believe.}
  • Visit the vast majority of South/Central America. {One word: parasites}
  • Let my children watch Dora in my presence
  • Porn
  • Stop preaching about the misspelling of “alot”
  • Buy a motivational poster
  • Make a bucket list

So what’s on your Anti-Bucket list?