Landon’s Book of the Week – Monsterpops!

This week’s book is actually 3 books. I have this set called Monsterpops that are a trio of pop-up books. The artwork is a little scary but once again, the silly voices do it for me.

First up there is Dinner Time. This is the cold hard truth about the food chain. Each of the animals pop-out of the page and eat the previous animal….THEN they get eaten too. I think my favorite page is the crocodile. His snout sticks right out of the page. I grab it every time :).

Next is Small Talk. This was my favorite first in the series. It teaches that gossip can really change things. On every page, there is an animal talking about this thing on the roof. Each animal makes something up and it gets crazy. The book ends a little weird but there are funny looking animals like a hippo with an under bite and a funny little martian! Mommy makes all the pop-up animals talk. She is so magical.

The last one in the set is Oh My A Fly. Now get this, it is about a woman who swallows all these bugs and animals. It is pretty messed up…but I still like it. It has a lot of rhymes and mommy can read it real fast. I have no idea why she does that. Funny part in this one is (SPOILER ALERT) she keeps eating all these animals and she never dies…then the last page, she eats a horse! And then it says “she died of course”. So funny. Because she ate all those other things and the horse is what did her in. Silly woman.

Well that is my review of the Monsterpops series. I would have to say that currently I ask for Oh My A Fly the most over and over. I give the set 4 out of 5 cheerios. See ya next week!

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